Welcome to The Wise Mess

This is a space whose purpose is to inspire. To inspire personal growth, self-love, chasing dreams, connection with Self and so much more. We want you to live your biggest, best, most honest and authentic, love-filled life. We want you to be free. 

This is a place for you to come to find your truth. When you’re lost, the words here will remind you that you’re not alone. Our creators are excited to share their experience of navigating this life with you, in the hopes that their work might resonate with you, and touch you in some way. The Wise Mess is here to nurture connection with other hearts across time and space.

A Note From The Founder:

The idea for this space came to me in an airport. I was reflecting on how many souls I have connected with through internet based platforms, and how frequently their words, stories, videos have been guiding lights for me. Then I thought of the profoundly touching feedback I received from a small readership of friends and family on my own personal blog (inwonderlandaly.com) which suggests that I am doing the same for others to some extent. It encouraged me to pursue my desire to connect with a larger audience. And since I sincerely believe that we are stronger and more powerful together, the concept of creating a platform that could magnify the reach and intensity of our ability to connect with one another enraptured me. I wanted to create something that allowed the words of many to reach the hearts of many more. And so here we are.

Connect with us.