Hello beautiful people!
My name is Amy and I’m 16 years old (nearly 17 !!)
On my journey with chronic pain, disordered eating habits and anxiety, I have slowly come to realise that every single experience is for a divine reason. I’ve learned a lot about myself and this universe, and know I will continue to do so as I close self-sabotaging chapters, and open new novels of thriving and adventure. My experiences have led me to veganism, mindfulness, yoga and spirituality~ and as I learn to fully embrace my own values, I cannot deny that every day is a lesson, a stepping stone towards embodying my highest self. I am trusting that through healing my mind, I will heal my body and learn to live fearlessly. I am trusting that in every moment of suffering I am growing, and in every moment of joy I am healing. I am trusting that on this path, every aspect of my human experience is leading me home. To my purpose. To paradise. To myself. And I know that what I am learning can only be shared, for connection is medicine for the soul.I am so excited and honoured to be a part of this wonderful online community!
So here’s to you, my friends, the soul tribe of dreams. The healing this world needs.