Open the blinds dear,

and whisper me a promise

of a life full of love and trust,

where fear lacks,

and we roam in awe through the surface of the Earth.


Her teaching can guide us.

She, who stands in a constant moving change,

open and giving to whomever inspires love,

told me:

“Stir courage, take a risk, and trust”.


I asked her for a direction, 

and could not get a straight answer.

It was not until now, 

that I understood.



All is within.


So I tell you,

we must free our souls,

from the built walls that silently struggle our souls.

How, you might ask. 

By letting life happen.

Let go of preconceptions and expectations,

and clearly see and experience life as it unfolds.

Stay open to opportunity,

do not judge,

and nurture the giving nature.

Souls will connect

at the unspoken level,

where knowledge, knowing and feeling 

collapse into one.

I’ve been promised this:

“Sweet things will come to be”.

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