Uncovering the Key to Happiness


Hello my loves. I hope you still remember me. I haven't posted anything for such a long time.

And I would like to start by, not even apologising, but explaining this.
I want to explore the emotions I have been navigating recently and share my discoveries with you.

I felt like everything that i feel, that i write, that i think is not good enough to write here. Like everybody around me is more creative, has a more interesting life and posting anything here is just a waste of time. I also thought my English was not good enough. But all the comments and messages i got on Instagram (where i also wasn't as active as i was few weeks ago) surprised me. I've seen some people really like what i write, like my photos. And their kind and warm words made me feel longing for this whole "Internet world".

The next reason why i had little absence is the end of the school year. After holidays I'm going to a new school where i know almost nobody. Going to a new school is pretty exciting, especially for such a sociable human like me, but also really nostalgic. I have always dreamt about freedom, making decisions and being adult, but really becoming adult is something different. And to be honest i am scared. Excited, but scared too.

And I think the last reason is my school exchange to Ukraine and when students from Lviv came to us. Both exchanges were very emotional for me, specially this last one. Exchanges have been most beautiful things during those three years of "gimnazjum" (highschool). I fell in love with Ukraine and Ukrainians again.I felt I was with my best friends, meeting people from other countries, seeing another culture. And suddenly I lost it. I was sad, frustrated and even angry. For me it was impossible to write about good and  positive vibes when I wasn't feeling them.

It's unbelievable how I have changed during these three years. Honestly, I am proud of this. I think the biggest change is that I stopped waiting and running for happiness. I understood that the key to happiness is appreciation. Little and big things. Seeing beauty in as many things, humans, situations as possible. Doesn't matter if it's morning yoga or time with friends or a big trip abroad. Life is an amalgamation of better and worse moments. We couldn't appreciate light without dark. Being happy is creating beautiful moments. As many as possible

Appreciation. This is my key to happiness.

Love u,


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