6 Things That Happen After Your Spiritual Awakening

Let me start by assuring you that there are definitely more than six things that happen after you undergo a spiritual awakening of some kind or other. These are what I've personally found to be some of the most common and what I've personally experienced. Let's unite through insight.

1. You become extremely sensitive (or more so than you previously were) to the energies around you. There are certain people you find it hard to be around and places you would rather avoid. It's not a personal thing; it's an energy thing. This is something that others not on a similar wavelength as you will easily understand. Often others laugh if you mention your sensitivity, excuse yourself from a situation because you're not feeling the "energy" is right for you at that moment in time.

2. You learn that talks about consciousness expansion, alternate states of consciousness, manifestation, telepathy, energy, dimensions, healing, chakras, angels, etc. makes you sound a bit crazy to 99.9% of the population (99.9% is harsh, but you get it). Those of us who know and believe in the unseen forces operating within our world understand that there are things that no amount of logic or rational thinking can explain - and we see no reason why it should need to, anyway. At a restaurant talking to a likeminded friend about that telepathic message you sent the other night? Yes, the table next to you will give you strange looks. You're still learning to embrace it, but to also be cautious with voicing your spiritual insights in public. They're in another state of consciousness, different from yours - not better or worse, just different (don't tell them that - it won't help your case). You've learned that with hard-facts sort of people (especially those with closed minds), it's sometimes best to agree to disagree, remind yourself that it isn't personal and move on. Also, it's through these challenging conversations that you realise even more how great a thing it is for a human being to approach life with an open, non-discriminative mind. 

3. You've broken old patterns. In moments of doubt or desperation, you find yourself falling back, but once broken, always broken. It can be people you used to see, places you used to frequent, music you used to listen to, films you used to watch, the amount of alcohol you used to consume, how often you used to go out (or stay in). For some reason, there are things you feel do not serve you anymore. Close friends and family might even think that you're morphing into another person altogether. In reality, you know you're reclaiming the truest part of your humanity, and because of that that you listen more closely to what your heart and mind tells you. Sometimes you fall back, experience overwhelming moments of existential despair and anxiety, but your unwavering faith helps you back up again. If anything, you gradually embrace those moments when you do fall back; they no longer consume you now, but remind you that you are also human. Like monks who keep a vice or two, it's good to be reminded that not only are you Divine, but you're also Human with a capital H. 

4. You're more aware of synchronicities. Patterns, numbers, faces, names. The relationship between the external environment and you as a living and breathing organism you no longer feel constitutes two separate, unrelated things, but it is something happening simultaneously - and you're more aware of your perceived past and how it has contributed to your present and how this present moment will likely influence your future. The person you met that day led you to think about this and suddenly it shifted your beliefs about that, which led you to go on this road trip and during the trip you came across an image that reminded you of a person you used to know well, and this person called you the next day. You get it. Things that were once void of meaning now have infinite possibilities. It all fits into this complex and indescribably beautiful web. Sort of. Most of the time. To you, anyway. 

5. You dread small talk and shallow conversation. Why talk small when you can talk about the Universe, wonder about the stars, our origins, discuss our pains, fears, passions? It drains your energy to talk persisently about the everyday or purely materialistic topics - you can bear it when it seems you can't escape it because it seems you've cultivated the patience of an angel, but you still find yourself wishing to talk about other things. 

6. You find it easier to forgive people. Whether they broke your heart, pushed you on the train, offended you in any way - you find that you don't react with hostility. You approach these situations from a place of understanding and compassion - because of this, you can forgive almost anyone for any harm they may have caused. You may initially suffer for the way they made you feel, and decide that they no longer have a place in your life, but in your heart you forgive - even if they never end up knowing it. “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner” is the original French saying, which translated is: to understand all is to forgive all. It's a beautiful thing, really. 

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