11 Thoughts and Bits of Information Gathered This Week


Hello Everyone,

A barrage is defined as a "vigorous or rapid outpouring or projection of many things at once" - as in, "the receptionist was hit with a barrage of phone calls; or "when she entered the studio, she was hit with a barrage of colors."

This week, I want to hit you with a barrage of 11 thoughts, and bits of informationI've pondered and picked up over the previous week.

1. Tax Holiday Weekend

This past weekend we took advantage of the tax free holiday here in Virginia, by taking the 50 minute ride to the Richmond area, and turned it into a weekend getaway by staying overnight.  Just another way we are attempting to make the most of the summer.

2.  Inappropriate Reading


Marley, our oldest, is heading off to middle school next year, and the new school sent the parents a list of mandatory summer and fall readings.  One of the books on the list, (Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata) strikes me as inappropriate after reading much of it - especially for our child.  The book contains some mature language and adult themes that leads me to wonder...should some books be off limits to children? For me, the answer is yes! At least until the parent feels that the child is mature enough to deal with the subject matter.  It's not about banning books, it's about doing our jobs as parents to filter the information our children consume until they are mature enough to discern for themselves.  What do you think?

3.  You Don't Need Weights to Build Muscle

This weekend I was doing simple lateral arm raises in the mirror, and after struggling my way to a count of 35, it donned on me that you really don't need weights to stay toned.

4.  New Term - Neoliberalism

Being a Neoliberal, is a term I came across this week after reading a scathing article written by Dr. Cornel West accusing Ta-Nehisi Coates of being one. I wasn't familiar with this idea so I looked it up.  By definition, Neoliberalism, is "a modified form of liberalism that favors free market capitalism.  But this simple description only scratches the surface.  In this article posted on The Guardian, Stephen Metcalf says that neoliberalism strips away the things that make us human.

5.  Our new show - Anne with an E

Anne with an E, on Netflix, is a smart, stylish, and beautifully acted series that we all like to snuggle up and enjoy watching together.  Based on the novel, Anne of Green Gables, the show also sparks some rather interesting family discussions about living an authentic life.

6.  What I'm Reading

A Course in Miracles, is not your typical summertime pleasure read.  This book is about making a lifestyle shift.  I read a passage every morning, and it's changing my life for the better one paragraph at a time!

7.  Quote of the Week

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.”
― Mooji

8.  Upcoming Author Visit  on 8/12/2018

I will be making an author visit to Oak Union Baptist church.  I look forward to meeting and greeting as always!

marc boston.JPG


9.  Baltimore Museum of Art has an artist in their midst

Shout out to my sister Andrea Boston, who curates all things social media for the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Follow her (them) on Instagram.

10.  Go over to Youtube and check out our new channel full of love and shenanigans.


11.  Last But Not Least - It's Barnes and Noble time!

Type in this promo code - F3V9K7K and save up to 20% off your next order at Barnes & Noble

Weekend Pics

At Target enjoying the tax free holiday

At Target enjoying the tax free holiday

Yet another late night hotel wake up call

Yet another late night hotel wake up call

Can't go to Richmond without stopping at Carytown Cupcakes

Can't go to Richmond without stopping at Carytown Cupcakes

Whoops, one didn't make is in the pic...it sure was delicious though!

Whoops, one didn't make is in the pic...it sure was delicious though!

Just a bit of weekend fun!

Just a bit of weekend fun!

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These students are thrilled to receive their copies of our latest book.

These students are thrilled to receive their copies of our latest book.



Give Yourself Permission to Shine

I know now that striving to live authentically is an evidently more joyful and a far more beneficial way of living, yet it wasn’t always so plain or natural for me at one time.  However, since I have been awakened to the path of self-discovery, I’m more consciously aware of how lackluster my inauthentic life actually was.

Authenticity is a quality I’d been missing for much of my adult life, and this missing component was detrimental to my overall well-being!

Sadly, for years I lived in a world of illusion translated by marketing executives. They paint a picture of what “enjoying life” looks like and many times I fell for it hook-line-and sinker.  I spent years hiding from my true self, deaf to my calling and blind to any genuine purpose.

I was ensnared in a system that reduced me to a cog in economic wheel.  Money, and how much or little I had of it, defined my self-worth as I was hopelessly devoted to an endless cycle of joyless labor and mindless consumption. I learned to believe that the person with the most toys wins!

The powers that be may have created and administered the game, but I still chose to be an active player on a mission seeking MVP status - in vain.  So, I must concede that they can’t possibly receive all the blame.  Society taught me and reinforced it.

Shine Bright Marc Boston

I’m liable for looking on with envious eyes at what others had and did, measuring myself against their achievements. I was haunted by past failures marked by an endless line of fits and starts punctuated by unrealistic desires and expectations. The choices I made were conceived through the lens of unfocused intention. I had dreams with no plan of how to realize them, and blindly pursued objectives that often led to blank walls.

“Vision without action is a daydream – Action without vision is a nightmare.” ~ Japanese Proverb


I lived a significant part of my life seeking the approval of others, preoccupied by social peer pressure.  Ultimately, this led me to literally being something I was not, a person I was displeased with existing in a state of unhappiness.  But I wanted to be happy and I wanted to be comfortable living in my own skin.  The only way to do this was to muster the courage to practice being genuine.  But how?

What the heck does it mean to be authentic?

I think it has to do with:

1.  Having my actions and words match up with my beliefs and values.

2.  It’s about doing MY thing, being who I want to be.

3.  Following MY passions instead of being an imitation of what I think I should be or behaving in a way society suggests!

4.  Learning not to look outside of myself to find self-fulfillment, gratification, and approval.

5.  Not allowing myself to believe that anyone else is inherently smarter, more talented, and that I was somehow less than and could never measure up.

I now look at my inner worth and take the time to REMEMBER who I am, decide for myself what my values are and what I believe in.  I had to evaluate whether I wanted to continue to live that life as a cog in the machine, or if I wanted to live for myself pursuing my goals and purposes and not those of other people.

I had to come to grips with the undisputed truth – I AM ME! And this truth will set “me” free.


It is an amazingly empowering feeling to take the time to sort through your basic belief systems to craft an inspired life.  To determine which of your judgements and assumptions are coming from a mature and healthy place, and which ones are coming from a childhood place of anxious insecurity.  

I feel so vibrantly alive and filled with purpose by expressing my natural gifts, connecting with others, and forming a habit of giving unconditionally.  It’s a beautiful thing to inventory one’s own likes and dislikes and realize that what works for others is fine for them, but it doesn’t have to fit for me.  It’s fantastic to realize that this is my life, my unique experience, and it’s not necessary to duplicate someone else’s.

I am giving myself permission to focus on the things that resonate for me and to pursue those things with confidence.




Uncovering the Key to Happiness


Hello my loves. I hope you still remember me. I haven't posted anything for such a long time.

And I would like to start by, not even apologising, but explaining this.
I want to explore the emotions I have been navigating recently and share my discoveries with you.

I felt like everything that i feel, that i write, that i think is not good enough to write here. Like everybody around me is more creative, has a more interesting life and posting anything here is just a waste of time. I also thought my English was not good enough. But all the comments and messages i got on Instagram (where i also wasn't as active as i was few weeks ago) surprised me. I've seen some people really like what i write, like my photos. And their kind and warm words made me feel longing for this whole "Internet world".

The next reason why i had little absence is the end of the school year. After holidays I'm going to a new school where i know almost nobody. Going to a new school is pretty exciting, especially for such a sociable human like me, but also really nostalgic. I have always dreamt about freedom, making decisions and being adult, but really becoming adult is something different. And to be honest i am scared. Excited, but scared too.

And I think the last reason is my school exchange to Ukraine and when students from Lviv came to us. Both exchanges were very emotional for me, specially this last one. Exchanges have been most beautiful things during those three years of "gimnazjum" (highschool). I fell in love with Ukraine and Ukrainians again.I felt I was with my best friends, meeting people from other countries, seeing another culture. And suddenly I lost it. I was sad, frustrated and even angry. For me it was impossible to write about good and  positive vibes when I wasn't feeling them.

It's unbelievable how I have changed during these three years. Honestly, I am proud of this. I think the biggest change is that I stopped waiting and running for happiness. I understood that the key to happiness is appreciation. Little and big things. Seeing beauty in as many things, humans, situations as possible. Doesn't matter if it's morning yoga or time with friends or a big trip abroad. Life is an amalgamation of better and worse moments. We couldn't appreciate light without dark. Being happy is creating beautiful moments. As many as possible

Appreciation. This is my key to happiness.

Love u,


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Three Tips To Eat Healthily & Feel Good


So, this is not another post in which I am explaining what kind of diet is healthy or not.

I believe there is enough resources out there in the wide world of the internet with which you can easily decide for yourself what you believe is healthy or not. 

Also please DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING  the media, some doctor or influencer is telling you. 

The health facts and food advertisements are extremely manipulated by the food industry.

Do your own research, read your books, and most importantly !!


Feel what makes you feel alive and vibrant and makes you look glowy and healths and  notice what doesn't. 

I personally chose to eat only plant based foods and within that as many unprocessed whole foods as I can.

Besides that I try to stay away from sugar most of the time and I am intolerant to any kind of oil so that is not on my menu either. 

Eating that way makes me feel my best and has been really helping in healing my body, and also helps me  gradually moving  towards optimal health - physically and mentally. 

This way of choosing my food has developed over the past years and I am still experimenting a lot to find out for myself what makes me feel best and what better to not chose for my body. 

So with that I already am getting to my first point.... 




Most people "want" to eat healthy because they want to lose weight, be skinny, be fit, be pretty...etc ... etc. 

Our society has the tendency to make us believe that our selfworth is attached to outter circumstances such as our appearance.

Let me tell you, your selfworth is untouchable and also if you can't find it in yourself you will never find on the outside. 

Believe me, I was the fittest I have ever been and did beach modeling in Sydney...

But my self-esteem was low AF.

Now I am not as skinny and toned anymore, but I love myself  for who I am and feel most energized, free and happy in a long time and that is how you want to approach it. 

When you chose to be healthy because you believe a change in our outter appearance will change your inner world -

yes, do eat healthy because it helps clearing the mind and getting you into better health 

 BUT look for another solution for the mental and emotional problem and try to approach this mind structure from within,because this is the only way and working from the outside will never bring you longterm improvement and happiness.  

Eat healthy because you want to FEEL your best, because you want to appreciate the human vessel of flesh which carries you around this world and make sure that the motor runs smoothly and it stays fresh for long. 

This mindset will make you walk this way WAAAYYY longer, because the intention is less superficial. 

Focus on the health and feeling part, because when you get in touch with yourself and find an authentic way of living that attunes with your physical body you will automatically get into the most optimal shape your body can be and glow from health. 



There is about a million different opinions on what is healthy and not. But every opinion that you hear from somebody else is an information they believe to be true because they either are payed or experienced it on their own bodies.

Fact is, our bodies and lifestyles are so different from each other.

So, of course as in everything there is no "One size fits all" in a world of individuals. 

So my tip for you is to go on a journey with YOUR BODY,

be curious and observe. 

Take in information from resources and people but don't just swallow.

Try it out, be critical, find out for yourself what does work for you ?

what makes you feel great ?

what makes you feel bad ? etc...

Trust in your bodies signals. 

This system is so much smarter than we think and when you learn to listen to it, it tells you exactly what it needs to thrive. 


3. SUSTAINABILITY (Balance and Fun) IS KEY!

As I said before there is a million opinions and diets out there...

But why do none of these work ? 

Its all quick fixes. 

We always want solutions NOW and ASAP. 

But that is not how our body works. 

I can promise you and you can see it all around you : quick fixes do backfire.

So when you decide to do changes in your diet ask yourself again: 

Am I doing this to feel good or look good  ?

( a person that feels good and healthy looks good and healthy)

Do I want to be doing that 50 years from now ? 

If the answer to that is no, you know that your diet choice is not sustainable and earlier or later you will brake. 

Calorie restriction is the best example for it.

Yes, it will maybe work for a while, but hunger is a signal your body can't tolerate. 

It will suffer under your willpower for a while, but at some point it will get what it needs to stay alive and binge eating is obviously the result to this physical dilemma you are putting your body in.

So rather move more slowly , look for the sustainable health not for the quick fix and in the long run you will be more healthy,happy and beautiful than with any diet out there. 

Besides that you need to believe that you are putting everything with best intentions in your body. Because you LOVE IT.

Because you want to do good for it !

With believing in your best intentions and in your bodies ability to thrive and glow, you are getting one step closer to your goal, because you truly can change the intention and structure of your food only by thoughts ( water crystal experiment - more info in my "inspiration list post"). 

That also means, have a treat every now and then, but when you have it ENJOY and CELEBRATE it instead of beating yourself up in your mind.

This is balance and this is selflove - 

Yes, this is much harder than signing up for a weightloss program but this will not only improve your health and looks sustainably, but your relationship to yourself and your life quality. :) 

I hope I was able to send some inspiration or help your way with these tips, which I find really helpful. They really do work great for me in working on getting closer and closer to my optimal health, feeling energized to do everything I want in my live  and having fun during the process. 

xxx Mahalo 

10 Ways To Positively Change Your Life Today


When I realised I had the power to change my life, and to live the life I was meant to live, it opened up a new world to me. I had been obsessing about finding my perfect - to the point where I truly believed that I would never live a happy life unless I was living in a small treehouse in a jungle, unless I spent hours in the gym just to get that fitness body, unless I was traveling around the world. There is nothing wrong with this - however it is not reality for most people. I believe that you can achieve anything your heart wishes for, but as a teenager still in school for another x years, I certainly won't be accomplishing any of these things anytime soon.

I decided I would make the conscious decision of creating new habits, new ways of thinking, and instead of striving for the impossible - doing what I could at the moment to improve both my mental and physical health. Here's 10 ways I have upgraded to Minnie 2.0 :)


1. Being with the people I love

I have a talent in isolating myself from other people, I just put on my "I hate everyone" hat and disappear under a blanket watching Netflix for hours on end. Though self care and rest is good, I have noticed that actually making myself go out, talk to other people or do something with a friend in my free time has really helped me. Maybe it's the fact that we end up laughing most of the time, or just the fact that being around other people is incredibly important, but it has definitely made me a happier person.

2. Ditching the materialistic mindset

Because of all of the new things popping up our social media feeds, we tend to become very obsessed with buying new things, most of the time quite pointless things, and we forget what's really important. Leaving this mindset has really helped me, I decided I would start buying things when I need them, and I donated a lot of my clothes that I wasn't using regularly. It felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am not perfect and sometimes I do buy things that I don't really need (but I mean, I always need flowy pants). As my best friend said, "we are humans, it is our nature to be greedy, and we are allowed to treat ourselves", but focusing more on what you have rather than what you want will help you.

3. Leaving my phone

Another thing connecting to social media - the infamous (at least for many of us) advice of leaving your phone, and making sure not to spend entire days mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat. It's hard, yes, but this is probably one of the things that has made me a much happier person in general. Because, truth is, seeing "ideal" lives, bodies, and what not on all of these apps does make you feel like sh*t at times. I unfollowed any accounts that made me feel crappy about myself, I put away my phone as soon as I felt myself getting sucked up in the world of gym selfies and açaí bowls, and I noticed an immediate improvement in my mentality.

4. Eating whatever & whenever I want

As someone with a background of eating disorders, this is more than difficult to do. Even for a normal person, the amounts of diets and unrealistic standards we see everywhere today makes it hard to even know what normal eating is anymore. I watched this TED talk suggested by one of the other creators on here, @thehippychickpea, and I realised how messed up this really is. I mean, if we look at a toddler eat, they eat when they are hungry, they let themselves eat that cookie without any guilt, and they stop when they are full. Also, have you ever seen those Pinterest posts about cravings (apparently when you crave chocolate you really just need celery - wow, logic), honestly I am just at a point where I laugh at those because your body knows what it needs! I am still on a learning path for this one, but I am starting to eat when my body needs food, and it feels amazing.

5. Giving myself more credit

This. Is. So. Important. I know many people that struggle immensely with being proud of themselves for what they do, for me this mostly goes for the work I do at school. Even though my results are pretty decent, I always deny that I did good, and this is yet another thing society teaches us. Being proud of your self is in no way selfish, it is something we need more of in this world. You are doing your best, and that is good enough.

6. Drinking more water

As easy as this seems, water has so many benefits. Some of the ones I definitely notice are that it has helped me with headaches, my skin is clearer and it just makes me feel cleaner and happier overall. I drink a bottle of water right after waking up, I read somewhere that this is supposed to flush out toxins from your body and I believe everything I see online so it makes me feel like it helps, at least. I also keep a (reusable) water bottle with me at all times, and I make sure I am sipping my water throughout the whole day. Downside: make sure you don't drink too much because trips to the bathroom every 10 minutes aren't great - I've been there.

7. Accepting who I am

I have spent way too many hours trying to become someone I am not. Realisation: not worth it. I stopped trying to copy everyone around me, I ignored people that judge me and I discovered that I can be happy in my body and my personality. It's okay to mess up, it's okay to have learning curves, but it is so important to stay true to your soul. I am who I am, if people don't like that, well, too bad for them. Be yourself.

8. Smiling more

"Fake it 'til you make it" Something I agree with to 100%. I have repeated this quote to myself countless amounts of times, and it actually works. When I was struggling with anxiety daily a few months ago, this is what kept me going. And it still does. It is important to be honest with yourself and the people around you, but if you ignore your negative thoughts and make an effort to be happy on the outside, a lot of the time this can actually help. As well as making you feel better, smiling actually spreads happiness to people you see, and so, if you just smile more, you have the power to make someone else's day better too.

9. Stretching

My new obsession. I wake up every morning and stretch for 20 minutes, I try to stretch every night as well. I am happy to announce that in a few weeks I managed to get my left split back after about 3 years since I last did gymnastics. I personally don't do yoga though I would love to get started with it - if anyone can help send me a dm on Instagram please. But for now stretching is what keeps me flexible, I feel like it makes it easier to move around, and it reliefs a lot of pain. Tip from a stretching addict: do it while watching Netflix or Youtube - you won't even realise you are stretching plus it makes it more fun.

10. Letting things happen

Last point I have for you, to let everything happen. Believe that everything happens for a reason, and let everything happen. Things tend to turn out differently than you anticipate, and that is okay. Life is full of trial and with this comes loads of error. Take everything that happens to you and make it into something good, this is your life and you may not be in control of everything that happens to/around you, but as I have said, you are in charge of how you act. If you make a mistake, laugh it off. If you do something stupid, who cares. In the end, you are your biggest critic, and everyone is just trying to survive in this cruel yet beautiful world.

See the bright opportunity in each new day.


Minnie Elisabeth @minnieelisabeth


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What if I told you that you could manifest your will through focused intent and mindful living? Would you believe me?
Well, you have the power to manifest your will through focused intent and mindful living! It’s a difficult concept to fully understand at first but I promise you, you are more powerful than you realize and you are fully capable of achieving this phenomenon. However, its very important to work with an open mind and a true belief that you are powerful enough to alter your own reality.

I’d first like to say that I feel that many concepts in religion can be looked at beneath a different scope and the same concepts are generally true, even in a different context. So what is manifesting?
Call it a prayer, call it a spell or a wish, call it manifesting but whatever you call it, it’s principles are the same (at least as I understand them). You have a want or a need and you are trying to communicate that want to the universe or to a god or goddess. So what’s really happening here? Opinions tend to differ from person to person but to begin your understanding, there are seven beliefs for manifesting.

1. There is an invisible but knowable life force within you.

2. Your thoughts are something that you control and they originate within you.

3. There are no limits other than the ones you place on yourself.

4. Your life has purpose.

5. Overcome weakness by leaving it behind.

6. When you begin to examine what you believe to be possible, you can then change your life.

7. You can go beyond logic.

So what does all of that mean and how does that help you to begin to manifest? Well there are no easy answers and the easiest way to begin is to start taking these principles to heart. Work them into your life and your mind wherever possible and you will begin to notice a difference in the way that you are able to perceive our universe. There is an ancient saying in hermeticism from which we can derive what magick really is. “As above, So below.” Roughly explained, it means that Earth mirrors heaven, man mirrors god, the macrocasm mirrors the microcosm. Or put more simply, that our inner worlds are a mirror image of our outer world. There is no real difference between them, other than the barriers we project onto them. If you are able to achieve a deep understanding of your self and your reality, then all paths before you become clear. Magick then becomes understanding our own energies and the energy of others and the world, and how we choose to interact with those energies. Whether that’s through prayer, spellwork, wishing or meditation. When you can clearly see the variety of paths that stretch ahead of you, you can then impart your own will and energy to achieve what you want. The steps for manifesting are very simple and include:

1. Know very clearly what it is that you want.

2. Understand that you have limits, know what they are.

3. Create or focus your energy by visualizing what you want to occur, occurring.

4. Slow grounding and a return to everyday life.

It’s important to note that results are easier to obtain reliably with practice and experience. However, there are some reasons that you may have some trouble with your results. Your message or will may not have been clear or focused enough. It’s very difficult to manifest just a general want. You need to be very specific. Picture the desired outcome very clearly unfolding in your mind. Have you allowed enough time to pass? I know, the pop culture makes it seem as though your results are instant, and trust me, we all wish that this were the case but its just not realistic. Change takes time to grow from where it is in the present moment, to where you want it to be at your desired result. Think of the wish you send out as a seed being planted. It needs time to sprout and grow before it can bloom and bear fruit! Perhaps you are allowing outside opinions or even your own to cloud your judgement and focus. Probably the most important part of trying to manifest your will is truly believing in yourself. If you allow any self doubt in for any reason, then it will be very difficult for your message to be clear and focused. Finally, were you working from a place of illness, desperation, or uncertainty? As with anything that you do in life, the physical and intangible energy that you put into your actions can drastically change your results. Be sure to work from a calm, strong and focused place within yourself for the best results.

Manifesting is all about the transfer of energy and how it flows within us and throughout our universe. One of the ways that is most often recommended to open yourself up to receiving and experiencing that energy is through meditation and mindfulness. Meditation can be tricky for some people (although its important to remember that it can take a lot of practice before you are able to meditate for any length of time.) but there are plenty of other ways you can open yourself up to the flow of energy. Listen to your favourite music, loud. Allow yourself to get lost in it and revel in that feeling of freedom. Close your eyes, standing with your feet together. Focus on where your balance is and recenter it. Lay flat on your back (preferably on he ground but anywhere will do) and feel how expansive the earth is beneath you. You can also try to focus on removing the barriers that you use to separate yourself from our universe. You are not in the universe, you are a piece of it. Lean into that feeling whenever possible. My personal favourite trick for this is to carry a stone or wear a piece of jewelry that reminds me of this in the times when I struggle to remember it on my own.

Here’s a quick little exercise that you can use to help you get started with manifestation. I have personally found this method helpful to get me into the right mindset asI begin my day. As an added bonus, you can hardly go wrong with hydrating! Hooray for getting two birds with one stone! All you need is a glass of water. (Because water is pure energetically, you can use it as an empty magical canvas to imprint your intent on.) Continue to focus your intent on the water. It can be helpful to use visualization techniques such as imagining your intent appearing within the water and diffusing throughout it as a bright light or inky mass. Whatever helps you to solidify the image in your mind. When you feel satisfied, drink up! Drink the whole glass and feel the power move through you as you charge yourself energetically with your intent. What I love about this exercise is that it is easy, quick and doesn’t require many materials. This makes it super easy to keep discreet if you wish and also easy enough for anyone to attempt. You could also customize it further by choosing an herbal tea which has associations that align with the intent you want to imprint on your water.

We are strong enough to hold each other up and heighten our perspective collectively as a society. We need to encourage people to look within themselves for answers. There is very little room for a spiritual lifestyle or belief system in our western culture but I feel as though we are on the brink of a shift in perspective within our societies. Be brave enough to forge your own path even if you feel a little scared and possibly even a little crazy at first. Don’t worry, we’re all mad here.
To sum up the points I’ve made here and because it feels right to credit the pieces that spur me to write, here’s a quote from an unknown author who inspired me today to share this information with you.

“Many of us step foot on the path to spiritual enlightenment expecting it to lead us onward and upward, hoping to become something better than we are, and ready to gather all of the important things we will need along the way. What a surprise it is when we eventually realize that the path isn’t taking us onward and upward but inward. That we’re not gathering things so much as letting them go, and that there was never anything more to aspire to than the truth of that we already are.”

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5 Tips For Being Eco-Friendly 🌍

The majority of people - excluding Trump (but who's surprised?) - know that climate change is REAL. Nature is at the core of our lives, the trees give us clean air, water hydrates and cleanses us and the crops we need to eat. Ultimately where it thrives it creates a shelter and serenity for people and animals.  As humans we've already favored tearing down wild terrains for our comfortable, cold constructions. Everyday we contribute massively to polluting our atmosphere and creating huge amounts of waste. Our beautiful world is collapsing in chaos, and we are accountable.

The situation can make us feel very small, as we may think, "what can I as a single human being really do to revert the change?" We can’t change what’s already been done – but we can prevent the climate from growing so rapidly for the worse! If you want to research the subject thoroughly and become immersed in living a waste-free life, then I encourage you! I know this year I need to take the plunge to protect future earthlings!

We all need to start somewhere and being socially aware of climate change and making a few choices in day-to-day life could be the place to start. I will give you 5 tips of how to cut down on the crap:

  1. SOLID SOAP (shampoo too!) – Lots of our hair, body and beauty products are packaged in plastic. Most of us wash pretty regularly which means it’s creating a lot of rubbish. Switch to a solid soap, and I promise it’ll smell just as serene in the shower! I suggest LUSH Karma soap (my mum got my boyfriend this one, and it fills up the whole bathroom with the patchouli scent when he showers, mm!) or you can get Palmolive solid soaps and other brands at supermarkets pretty cheap! For sensitive skin people out there, choose LUSH soaps, as they miss out the SLS (sundaresan lathering agent) from their soaps which makes it gentler on skin – and they usually last longer too!
  2. REUSABLE CUPS/BOTTLES – Imagine how much plastic waste we create if every time we’re out and get thirsty we buy a plastic water bottle, plus all those coffee cups and plastic lids you use daily before work. Be less wasteful and get yourself a reusable coffee cup and water bottle (you could get one that works simultaneously). You can find some beautiful bamboo coffee cups from Ecoffee Cup. If you’re on a budget like me, I found a reusable coffee cup for $2 from Target (Australia’s Primark).  I grabbed my water bottle from a sports shop on sale, but if you like to fancy things up you can go further and choose one with a fruit infuser or funky design. Make sure it’s one that you like so much you’ll remember to pack it in your bag daily!
  3. REUSE, RECYCLE AND REDUSE WASTE – Try to get in a habit of always recycling any plastic/cardboard/glass you use. You should have a designated recycling bin in your home and try to recycle even the small things like teabag tags. Recycling is a good first step, but buying zero waste products, or products with very little waste is the way to go! This could be little things like swapping from teabags, to loose tea. Try to reuse things too, look into some DIY projects like making little plant pots from old cans.
  4. SWITCH UP YOUR STRAW – Pick up a metal reusable straw, they’re reasonably priced and the one I bought from Teros came with a straw cleaner! It means you’ll avoid the lipstick smudges when you’re out for drinks, but will more importantly, be avoiding contributing to the mound of plastic straw trash. You might feel awkward doing it, but you can ask the barman serving you or waiter in the cafe to not give you a straw. This’ll make them aware too, as they might not have thought of the environmental impact of plastic straws.
  5. OP' SHOPPING – Charity shopping is commonly consumed these days. It used to have a kind of negative connotation, and people were embarrassed to shop in charity stores, as it was meant to be a sign that they were worse off. Now it’s allll the rage, and vintage shopping is almost like a hobby for some people. You can find so many beautiful, funky pieces if you rake around for a while. Next time you need something, think to yourself – can I pick it up from a charity shop? Also, instead of chucking out clothes, please give them into your local charity shop! The piece of clothing that doesn’t quite fit, or the accessories you’re bored of, someone will be in need of. This helps fight against fast fashion, and means you’re reusing instead of purchasing more & more materials every time you fancy something fashionable.


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Food is Free: A Grassroots (re)Movement


I fell in love with quality food. Fresh fruit and vegetables just taste so much better. It’s so much more vibrant and alive. There really isn’t any substitute for freshness! This love of food carried me toward my love of plants. Specifically plants that can produce food and improve the quality of the soil.
It’s for this reason that I have a real issue with the suburban lawn. The average front or back lawn produces no habitat, food, or any other usable resources aside from being a ground cover. It’s an utter misuse of space, time and resources.

People spend too much time on their lawns with little to no real reward. When you think about it, if you’re not trying to keep the weeds out, then you’re cutting or fertilizing it to maintain it. It’s bad for our environment.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, having large and meticulously well maintained lawns is derived from when houses were also estates. The grounds were extensive and were sometimes even opened to the public as walking parks. They were a display of wealth because it took a lot of (hired) work to maintain and you derived literally nothing from it. A way of physically saying “look how much land I have, and I don’t even need to use it to grow crops.”

Surprise, there’s a better way! We can naturalize our outdoor living spaces by using native vegetation as well as planting our own vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. If we work together within our communities we have the power to gain independence from our current failing agricultural systems.

The Food is Free project is a movement designed to empower and build up the community through gardening. The concept is that instead of a conventional front lawn, you opt to grow food bearing plants and then you give away your excess food to those who need it. Alternatively you can trade with others in your neighbourhood who are also growing their own food.

This may not seem like a big deal for some of you but it’s only taken about two generations for the majority of people to loose the ability to produce and preserve their own food. This means that for most communities, people are entirely dependant on the grocery store for the ability to eat.

This movement highlights that with practically the same amount of effort it takes to maintain a conventional lawn, we can be caring for food and community producing plants. Seems like a bit of a no brainer if you ask me, and that’s why I am challenging myself to bring this movement to my community this season and I hope that by writing about it I may inspire some of you to try and do the same.

If you’re interested in starting one yourself, all you need to do is plant your own garden in your front yard for your neighbourhood to enjoy and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Food is free, food is for everyone. Let’s work together to bring back our own food security. Lessen the burden on local food banks, donate extra produce to soup kitchens. Let’s work together to bring back our sense of community through a common love of food, let’s bring down suburban lawn culture!

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59 Ways To Spread More Love (The World Needs It)

A list of ways to spread love:

-Smile at everyone you see

-Pass out flowers to strangers

-Buy flowers for someone you love

-Help someone with something

-Tell someone you love them

-Buy someone coffee

-Give a homeless person a meal

-Adopt an abused animal

-Compliment anyone you see for any reason

-Create art in any form and give it to someone 

-Hug someone you love

-Pay for the person behind you

-Call someone on the phone

-Visit with people in a nursing home

-Visit with children in a hospital 

-Write someone a letter

-Leave positive notes for a stranger to find

-Post uplifting and inspiring things to Instagram 

-Comment nice things on people’s photos 

-Only talk positive 

-Make someone a playlist of songs that remind you of them

-Donate books to a less fortunate school

-Volunteer to teach someone how to read

-Always say hello to children

-Hold the door for the person behind you

-Text someone when you are thinking of them

-Eat dinner with the old person sitting alone at the restaurant 

-Tip extra

-Donate a few dollars a month to a cause you care for

-Shovel your neighbor’s driveway 

-Brush off someone’s car for them

-Be nice always (unless the situation is harmful)

-Say thank you for everything 

-Give a positive note to a homeless person with a blanket 

-Write a song or poem for someone 

-Invite people who don’t usually get invited 

-Pick the person who always gets picked last to be on your team

-Buy water for someone who looks sad 

-Ask to take pictures of people and tell them its because you love how they look

-Give a tissue to someone who is crying 

-Eat less meat

-Play with the animals at the shelter 

-Stop saying mean things; start saying nice things

-Let your friend who loves your clothes borrow them sometimes

-Bake someone cookies or a dessert they love 

-Always make your friends cards for their birthday 

-Buy someone their favorite fruit when they had a rough week

-Give someone a book to borrow

-Stay with someone when they are really sad so they aren’t lonely as well

-Text people good morning and good night

-Listen to the songs your friends love

-Invite someone over to watch their favorite movie when they are sad

-Send someone a cute card randomly 

-Help someone in school with a subject you are good at and they struggle with

-Offer to help your teachers with grading papers or cleaning up the classroom so they can get home earlier

-Cook dinner for your family 

-Hand out stickers of smiley faces 

-Play happy music to your currently sad friend 

-Say “I love you” all the time

How I Make The Present Moment Home

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 15.00.24.png

The first time I ever really thought about the idea of “living in the moment” was when I stumbled across the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I feel like I heard people say this all the time, and maybe I even said it all the time without ever stopping to think about what it truly meant. This book was in such great and beautiful detail that I truly started to take in the words. I was moved. I started to think about why I would really want to live any other way. Of course I am human, and will have moments where I slip up. That is perfectly okay, and I believe that it's important to forgive myself and accept those moments. When I start to really feel what it's like to live in the here and now it transforms my point of view on life.


Living in the moment strips away worry. When I discovered that the only thing that truly exists is this moment I stopped stressing about the future, because I realized the future doesn't even exist yet. Why worry about something that is non existent? I do believe there is power in planning for the future, having goals and dreams and working toward reaching them. Now I realize that I can be content with the present while also working toward my dreams. Along with eliminating stress about the future, living in the moment also removed any depression I may have felt about the past. I was able to finally let go of pain and suffering that I was holding onto so tightly without even knowing it. I let go of things that I was clinging to and things I had buried for so long. None of that mattered when I felt like I was being present.


I have my own routines that help me return to that inner stillness, and what helps you may be different. But I wanted to share my experiences with you in hopes that someone can possibly relate.


1. Meditate – So I absolutely understand that sometimes meditating is hard and intimidating at first because we are trained to have our brains constantly going, all day every day. For me what helped was learning how to do it a little at a time. I remember only being able to make it 2 minutes before I had to stop. Now I have some days where I am able to make it 30 to 40 minutes. And still some days where I can only make it 2! Each day is different, but so worth reaching that place of being.


2. Yoga – For me yoga was much like meditating, I didn't really understand it and I could only make it a few minutes at a time before I would stop. Now I stretch out in a class full of people for over an hour! Nothing happens over night. The breathing and poses I learn to hold in yoga focus my brain to the present moment and it calms my mind, allowing me to relax and just be. It's also amazing for our health! It increases our blood flow, drops blood pressure, maintains our nervous system, and is literally scientifically proven to make us happier! It was worth it for me to give it a try and truly feel the difference after class.


3. Writing – So this is specific to me, not everyone's main passion is writing. Some people place their passion in painting, singing, dancing, the list goes on and on. It is beautiful how many different kinds of art humans can create. I urge you to find whatever artistic outlet you need personally and open your heart up to it. I found ways to let so much negativity go through writing. Sometimes my pen hits the paper and it's like my soul is being spilled out through the letters, and you guys understand it! What a beautiful way to let out your worries.


4. Spend quality time with people who matter to me – I still have moments where I feel like retreating and shutting people out on days where my spirit feels drained. It feels like human connection isn't even attainable when I am feeling this way. I am learning now that when I feel that way, it is just another moment I am experiencing. I know that I will eventually come into another moment where I want to be surrounded by all my wonderful family and friends. When I experience the company of those that are close to my heart I feel content. I don't want the moment to end and I am taking in each part of it. Each instant is held onto and I feel present. I am learning appreciation for all the beautiful souls I get to share this life time with.


There are so many different ways we can get back to that inner stillness. After we practice this we become more of the person that we are meant to be. I encourage you to soul search until you reach what you need personally to reach this state of contentment. I promise it's worth it.


Thank you. I love and appreciate each and every one of you.


Kindra Rae


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Source: http://kindrarae.com

WE ARE ONE. // quitting modelling + moving to hawaii

My Dearest Friend,


I first was intrigued with modeling because I wanted to be around a bunch of artists coming together to produce one bigger piece of art. That’s beautiful. But NYC was just not the place for me. I felt so disconnected from my true being and I’ve learned from the past that listening to myself produces the best outcomes. So I got rid of almost all of my things, took the money I made from the month of modeling, and said goodbye to my mom and sisters who were also on the east coast at the time. 

I’m in kauai now. 

On October 17th I landed in kauai with a travelers back pack and no plan besides an air b and b that I booked for a week. I am too young to rent a car so I spent a while hitch hiking my way to different parts of the island in search of a job and on my first day I found one. It wasn’t until shortly after that I found another job; and now maybe even another. I was able to rent a car from a local and find a place to live for at least three months. 

Of course there were hardships. are hardships. My car broke down for the fourth time today. I have had to walk in the dark, work for 8 hours without a break, ask strangers for help, drive during a storm, walk on a highway for three miles during a storm, and drive in the dark without street lights. I have cried multiple times but life is beautiful. 

I have run barefoot in the forest. embraced my inner child. absorbed my true calling. appreciated connection. humanity. the mother source. nature has healed me. is healing me. I will climb with my laughter. swim with my tears. dance with the wind. towards everything and nothing.

I’m writing this so that you will listen to your inner whisper. Your path may be questionable. scary. ambiguous. but no one knows yourself more than you. Trust the journey. meditate. relax. Listen to the intuition of the now. Be in the moment. breathe. Life will send you happiness. Success will produce itself in the form of personal growth and you will flourish. 

What is your biggest dream? Do you dare to run amongst the universe and howl at the full moon? Do you embrace change and stare fear in the face? Do you listen to your inner being as a binding force of reason? Do you follow your heart towards your true intention? 

We are one in the same. cultivated by the same mother. earth beneath our feet. garden of growth. I love you for you are me. I see you for we are one. 

The world is my classroom. 

This is my home.

Thank you,

An untethered soul 

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Real life.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 16.27.49.png

These days, I see, we can't talk. The one thing we have is our phone or our computers or our tablets. We don't see each other. We have forgotten how to talk, in a way other than through messenger. And honestly I, too, have forgotten. 

The first thing I do after I come back from school is check my social media. I eat dinner, talk with my mum about school related stuff and go to my room. I close the door and don't come out until much later in the evening.

Lately i realised how long I haven't talk with my younger sister, how much I don't know about what she likes. The only moment that we are talking is when we are arguing.

But that's enough.

This year is going to be different. I want to talk with my sister for longer than 5 minutes a day.

I want to spend less time with my phone. Phones are such 'good'[ time wasters. I tell myself "only 10 minutes on Instagram" and suddenly those 10 minutes become half an hour.

So here's a reminder for today:

"Live your life, not the Internet's life"

Love you

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Hello. I want to tell you...

living your purpose .jpg


I wholeheartedly believe that every single creature on this earth got offered this life for a reason. 

I believe that me, you and everyone else out there is here for a specific task or lesson. 

I believe that everyone is worth the best and has the birthright to be happy and free. 

But sadly, every single day I witness people giving away their potential, pushing themselves down, losing themselves or drowning their inner drive and light, because they let fear, doubts and negative feelings take over their life and control their ability to live their passions, dreams and strenghts. 

They decide to cancel their dreams and work against their true self, because someone told them to, because our minds got programmed and structured to think a certain way, to only believe in one reality and be controlled by society's standards of fear and uncertainty.  We become victims of our own mind structures because we stop questioning what we are told and only believe in this one way of receiving the world. 

At some point in life, most of us end up at the same point we have seen many people reach before. (Our parents, our friends, our bosses, siblings, enemies?) 

And guess what, all of us promised ourself to never end up there. 

Nobody ever wanted to end up there but well… at the end, most do - Why?

Well... Can you expect different things to happen when all you do is the same as  before? 

Can you expect people to stop war, when we teach our children that they get punished when they don't work the way we want them to? Or when we can't even reflect that the discomfort we feel in arguments is only our own insecurities being tackled when someone isn't sharing the same opinion as we do? 

Can we expect people to love each other when we can't even find empathy towards our so innocent fellow animals? 

Can you expect ending up on the streets of London when you only ever take the same train which to your small, safe neighborhood town? 

Can you expect not to end up like your neighbors or parents or whoever, who are miserable, when you follow what they do ?  


The only way to get somewhere you have never been before, is to do something you have never done before. 


For certain, one of my biggest fears in life always was to waste the incredible precious time here on earth which I got gifted with.

For that I got thinking from a young age… I got thinking:

How can I make my dreams become reality ?

And how am I going to end up being the most happy and fulfilled I can possibly be? 


There is a lot of ways to take this road, step by step. 

Let me tell you, it is the more exhausting, hard, sometimes frustrating, pretty scary, but also most happy, authentic and rewarding way of life (for me) I have ever heard of and could ever imagine! It is so worth it. 

I am blessed with a really special family and an amazing group of friends, who help me to push myself every single day.

I don't take any of that for granted and I understand that for others it might be not as easy to say to people: 

"Fuck it ! I am going to change everything! I am going to quit this boring job. I am going to move country. I am going to chase my dreams whatever it costs.“, when they haven’t had support or a reflected and free upbringing.

But thats ok. We all struggle with things. We all have our story to cary, but thats not an excuse. 

You are NOT a victim of your story, of your life,your parents, your past… when you don't condemn yourself to being one.  

Of course it is easy to be a victim, to not take responsibility for your life and everything else that has been happening within you, around you and has been brought to this world through you. Of course it is comfortable to feel sorry for yourself and pass on the responsibility to someone else for your feelings and actions, but don’t expect yourself going anywhere with that. Yeah, and that is exactly what I am talking about. 


Don’t waste your talents, passions, strengths etc. by being passive and not taking charge of your life! 

You freaking only have this one!  

If you need help, or support - let me be your friend. 

Write to me if you want, tell me what you are struggling with. (Insta message @PaulinelaPetite // pauline2010@gmx.de) 

I am not going to judge but to support you, and experience with you together what it means to actually live life. 

But please, go out there and make this life yours!

Own your life! 

Own your body! 

Own your voice ! 

Own your passions! 

Own your love, hobbies, crazy thoughts, compassion and individuality. 


I am so flipping fed up with seeing incredible people, infinite loving hearts, smart brains and huge talents just being wasted! 

Just being covered up and lost in structures, negative energy, unreal fears and this certain understanding of “safety". 

There always is a risk to take, but no one ever experienced…………

to read the full blogpost please head over to my own little loved blog


become part of this journey and get more information about yoga, my travels, my story, writing, poetry and more. 

all the love xx


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Think Before You Eat

*originally published on instagram.com/plantifullisa*

This morning while gorging down my food because I was late for uni, as usual, I realized something. We are so stuck in our fast living system, we don't even make the time for the most fundamental aspect of human health anymore. Often times we stuff our face with food as soon as we are hungry and then move on.
So I asked myself: Do I ever acknowledge the sacrifice that went into the production of my food? Do I ever find stillness in my body before taking in this nourishment? Am I mindful of my body while consuming these foods?

I think you can imagine my answer.

Think Before You eat 3.png

Food is not just carbs and protein and fat, it is your connection, your relationship to
n a t u r e ✨
You need to understand that this is the most important medicine you´re going to take that day.🍇

I'm not saying eat kale and spirulina all day. But be present. Be mindful. Understand what the food you are about to take in contains, educate yourself, know what your body can take from it and learn to listen to your body’s reaction. And then appreciate it. Appreciate the fact that you are able to eat these foods, appreciate their healing power. Be grateful. Do not punish your body with food that does not nourish you. I think once you consume more consciously, you will no longer go towards these highly processed unhealthy foods anyway.🍓

Understand that everything is connected. We are a part of nature. I believe that by feeding our body nourishing foods we increase our capacity to experience the energies within and around us and therefore our eternal oneness. For me, this is the only way to live a healthy balanced life.