Easter Encouragement.

It’s springtime which means new life, fresh starts, and the sunshine blooming through (hopefully). It means forgiveness of others and ourselves. New birth symbolising letting go and looking forward.

Growth is always happening through challenges and changes in our lives, and through the really amazing parts too. We may learn to accept the past, be growing into ourselves, or growing with someone we love.

I hope you are all looking back this weekend and see how far you have come. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall – remember where you started. Inspiration can occur at any moment, so remember to keep your eyes peeled and your mind eager. If there’s something you’ve been putting off – start it! If there’s a million ideas running around your head – write them down!

Take some time to think about where you are in your life, where you want to be and how you can get there. Reach out to the people around you and ask for help.

“An optimist is the human personification of Spring” – Susan J.


So as the sun breaks through try to think more positively of yourself and what you could achieve.

Also, I hope you all eat some Easter treats and spend some time with special peeps.


The lapping of the waves

Sings your soul to rest

Gently lulling your mind to sleep

As you fall deeply

Into the world of dreams

Where you find your purest truth 

Amongst the crystalline waters

And the milky way's stardust 

You are as tall as the clouds

As small as the lady bugs 

Slowly the sirens sing your soul to wake

Unveiling the world before you 

Golden rays shower you with warmth

Indigo waters spray you with salt

Glassy sands bestows you with a lingering embrace

As you observe this life before you 

Recognizing the love that bonds 

Our mother to our souls

Is as infinite as the universe 

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5 Tips For Being Eco-Friendly 🌍

The majority of people - excluding Trump (but who's surprised?) - know that climate change is REAL. Nature is at the core of our lives, the trees give us clean air, water hydrates and cleanses us and the crops we need to eat. Ultimately where it thrives it creates a shelter and serenity for people and animals.  As humans we've already favored tearing down wild terrains for our comfortable, cold constructions. Everyday we contribute massively to polluting our atmosphere and creating huge amounts of waste. Our beautiful world is collapsing in chaos, and we are accountable.

The situation can make us feel very small, as we may think, "what can I as a single human being really do to revert the change?" We can’t change what’s already been done – but we can prevent the climate from growing so rapidly for the worse! If you want to research the subject thoroughly and become immersed in living a waste-free life, then I encourage you! I know this year I need to take the plunge to protect future earthlings!

We all need to start somewhere and being socially aware of climate change and making a few choices in day-to-day life could be the place to start. I will give you 5 tips of how to cut down on the crap:

  1. SOLID SOAP (shampoo too!) – Lots of our hair, body and beauty products are packaged in plastic. Most of us wash pretty regularly which means it’s creating a lot of rubbish. Switch to a solid soap, and I promise it’ll smell just as serene in the shower! I suggest LUSH Karma soap (my mum got my boyfriend this one, and it fills up the whole bathroom with the patchouli scent when he showers, mm!) or you can get Palmolive solid soaps and other brands at supermarkets pretty cheap! For sensitive skin people out there, choose LUSH soaps, as they miss out the SLS (sundaresan lathering agent) from their soaps which makes it gentler on skin – and they usually last longer too!
  2. REUSABLE CUPS/BOTTLES – Imagine how much plastic waste we create if every time we’re out and get thirsty we buy a plastic water bottle, plus all those coffee cups and plastic lids you use daily before work. Be less wasteful and get yourself a reusable coffee cup and water bottle (you could get one that works simultaneously). You can find some beautiful bamboo coffee cups from Ecoffee Cup. If you’re on a budget like me, I found a reusable coffee cup for $2 from Target (Australia’s Primark).  I grabbed my water bottle from a sports shop on sale, but if you like to fancy things up you can go further and choose one with a fruit infuser or funky design. Make sure it’s one that you like so much you’ll remember to pack it in your bag daily!
  3. REUSE, RECYCLE AND REDUSE WASTE – Try to get in a habit of always recycling any plastic/cardboard/glass you use. You should have a designated recycling bin in your home and try to recycle even the small things like teabag tags. Recycling is a good first step, but buying zero waste products, or products with very little waste is the way to go! This could be little things like swapping from teabags, to loose tea. Try to reuse things too, look into some DIY projects like making little plant pots from old cans.
  4. SWITCH UP YOUR STRAW – Pick up a metal reusable straw, they’re reasonably priced and the one I bought from Teros came with a straw cleaner! It means you’ll avoid the lipstick smudges when you’re out for drinks, but will more importantly, be avoiding contributing to the mound of plastic straw trash. You might feel awkward doing it, but you can ask the barman serving you or waiter in the cafe to not give you a straw. This’ll make them aware too, as they might not have thought of the environmental impact of plastic straws.
  5. OP' SHOPPING – Charity shopping is commonly consumed these days. It used to have a kind of negative connotation, and people were embarrassed to shop in charity stores, as it was meant to be a sign that they were worse off. Now it’s allll the rage, and vintage shopping is almost like a hobby for some people. You can find so many beautiful, funky pieces if you rake around for a while. Next time you need something, think to yourself – can I pick it up from a charity shop? Also, instead of chucking out clothes, please give them into your local charity shop! The piece of clothing that doesn’t quite fit, or the accessories you’re bored of, someone will be in need of. This helps fight against fast fashion, and means you’re reusing instead of purchasing more & more materials every time you fancy something fashionable.


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WE ARE ONE. // quitting modelling + moving to hawaii

My Dearest Friend,


I first was intrigued with modeling because I wanted to be around a bunch of artists coming together to produce one bigger piece of art. That’s beautiful. But NYC was just not the place for me. I felt so disconnected from my true being and I’ve learned from the past that listening to myself produces the best outcomes. So I got rid of almost all of my things, took the money I made from the month of modeling, and said goodbye to my mom and sisters who were also on the east coast at the time. 

I’m in kauai now. 

On October 17th I landed in kauai with a travelers back pack and no plan besides an air b and b that I booked for a week. I am too young to rent a car so I spent a while hitch hiking my way to different parts of the island in search of a job and on my first day I found one. It wasn’t until shortly after that I found another job; and now maybe even another. I was able to rent a car from a local and find a place to live for at least three months. 

Of course there were hardships. are hardships. My car broke down for the fourth time today. I have had to walk in the dark, work for 8 hours without a break, ask strangers for help, drive during a storm, walk on a highway for three miles during a storm, and drive in the dark without street lights. I have cried multiple times but life is beautiful. 

I have run barefoot in the forest. embraced my inner child. absorbed my true calling. appreciated connection. humanity. the mother source. nature has healed me. is healing me. I will climb with my laughter. swim with my tears. dance with the wind. towards everything and nothing.

I’m writing this so that you will listen to your inner whisper. Your path may be questionable. scary. ambiguous. but no one knows yourself more than you. Trust the journey. meditate. relax. Listen to the intuition of the now. Be in the moment. breathe. Life will send you happiness. Success will produce itself in the form of personal growth and you will flourish. 

What is your biggest dream? Do you dare to run amongst the universe and howl at the full moon? Do you embrace change and stare fear in the face? Do you listen to your inner being as a binding force of reason? Do you follow your heart towards your true intention? 

We are one in the same. cultivated by the same mother. earth beneath our feet. garden of growth. I love you for you are me. I see you for we are one. 

The world is my classroom. 

This is my home.

Thank you,

An untethered soul 

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Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.19.18.png

In the dead winter night, 

A howl echos through the trees

It peaks your ears

It ruffles your heart 

It stirs your soul

An itch slithers up your body 

Imploring you to run

To unleash your inner wild

To fully embody your true nature

Because when you allow complete acceptance

Your hackles raise

Your tail flicks

And your howl echoes back