Love. Can't Be More Simple.

What is art?

It is love in different forms.

But where?

In every tone, word and color... love appears. If you can feel it, it exists. If you cannot feel it, it still exists.


Because love is the main part of everything. It is the start of endless life, energy, magic.

How to find it?

Look around you, look into yourself. Love is there and everywhere. Don't close your heart. Be aware of what you truly are.

You are love.


She Feeds Herself With The Stars

Her heart is seeking

Her lips are thirsty

her hair a tidy mess

she feeds herself

with every word

every smile

every embrace

of each person she meets

sharing a story

every stolen moment

adds a seed to her mind

and a little bit

of magic in her hands.

She feeds herself with the stars

comfortably wandering

in the endless night sky

And the faces of those

gone for other purpose

who left this Earth in peace

in the midst of the day

where only dust remains

but contains a promise.


A Poem to the Wind

majestic wind,

do you sing, shout or speak

the sun is shining on your lake

and our dreams are like the clouds you take


your birds dance around trees

their lips whisper delightful melodies

we have always understood, but forgotten

the child a mother holds

exists for eternity upon your eternal shores


you carry secrets of the times 

whisper them to the ones who walk alone

we drink from your daffodils in April

and forget what it is like to exist in October 


we will learn from you 

that still or moving, things are changing 

life, the endless river of pain and delight  

the wind carries everything 

We Will Thrive.

It’s so dark without you here.

Why did you leave me when I needed you most?

Why did you leave when you heard what they said?

Why did you leave when you saw them pointing and snickering?

Weren’t you supposed to stay then more than ever?

Wasn’t that the time you were meant to support me?

How did this happen?

It’s so dark without you with me.

It’s lonely without you.

It’s scary when all I hear is their laughter and ridicule.

You were so confident when they were not around.

When it was just you and me, it was beautiful and bright.

We shared joy and love in all moments.

We had it so good, why do you keep leaving?

Where are you?

Are you coming back?

Are you coming back to silence them?

Or am I meant to find you?

Do I have to move from this dark place?

I don’t know how, or where to go!

You used to guide me when I asked these question in the light.

Please come back to me...please!

Their ridicule is getting louder now. Why are you silent?


*breathe* *breathe* *breathe*



...wait, I remember something…

...I remember something you said…

You told me that you will always be there for me.

That you will never leave me and that you will always support me...always!

So what happened?! Was it me?

It is me! I made this happen!

I have allowed their voices to get louder...louder than yours.

Their ridicule is only their doubt.

Their doubt is only their fear.

It’s not even about me.

They are merely projecting.


I’m sorry for doubting your faithfulness…

You did always have my back!

It was me who blocked the light, me who stopped listening.

Me who allowed their voices to fill the space between you and I.

This needs to stop.

I need to be so close to you that your voice is the only one I hear.

I will latch onto you so strong that darkness doesn’t get a chance to creep in.

We will reunite and never split; with our vision back on our future and on what’s good for us,

We will thrive.

We. Will. Thrive.


Ambition, I love you.


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The lapping of the waves

Sings your soul to rest

Gently lulling your mind to sleep

As you fall deeply

Into the world of dreams

Where you find your purest truth 

Amongst the crystalline waters

And the milky way's stardust 

You are as tall as the clouds

As small as the lady bugs 

Slowly the sirens sing your soul to wake

Unveiling the world before you 

Golden rays shower you with warmth

Indigo waters spray you with salt

Glassy sands bestows you with a lingering embrace

As you observe this life before you 

Recognizing the love that bonds 

Our mother to our souls

Is as infinite as the universe 

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Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 22.28.02.png

Within every one of us 

Lies a divine feminine

Dormant from lack of attention

Locked away into the deepest part of our souls

Cast away in favor of false perfection

Our instinctual wildness publicly shunned

We have abandoned her

But yet, she rises slowly

As not to disturb

Creeping back into our souls

Broken chains dangling behind her

Her gentle voice 

Breathes life into our souls

Lights fire in our eyes

Heals our broken hearts

Courageously she stands unabashed

Restoring our lost souls to their true glory

Welcome back to the wild, my sister 


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This text has been waiting on my laptop for several months now. I  wrote it this summer, and since I first reread what I wrote this is one of my favorite pieces I have EVER written. But I didn't want to hurt anybody, or trigger people making wrong assumptions and thus diminish the beauty and power of the words. As time has passed by I am ready to share this with you and I hope I can bring you some of the magic I felt back in this moment into your life. 




we were sitting there, side by side. squished into this little car. 

We never connected before but now in this tiny little space we were 

- magic happened. 


The inside of the car became the witness of this special moment. 

The space we shared became the universe.

 His lips were moving and the words that were crawling out of his mouth came flowing right from his heart. 

They danced through the air and kissed my ears so his message could find my heart without detour. 

In this moment I saw you.

I saw you for the first time and I lost myself in you. 

Your watery green eyes. 

Your skin, tanned from the sun and toned from countless adventures. 


I lost myself in your voice and in your open heart. 

Time lost its form and just stretched into the endless scene we were hugged in. 

I lost myself in the trust you gifted  me with, 

 in the strength and the courage to show me

your true face, your true self, your true heart.


I lost myself in the tingling and vibrating energy which was flowing in between us, crossing our bodies and flashing both of us.

 I lost myself in the honor of being your home.

 I lost myself in gratitude. 

Gratitude for this connection. Gratitude for your words,

that a man could see me, that a man wanted to listen, that a man wanted to share. 

I was blown away, thrown into another dimension, another universe found in your voice, found in your eyes,

found on this tiny square of asphalt capsuled in this shell of a car. 

I saw you. I saw you so clearly my eyes weren't necessary anymore.

You are so beautiful. When your heart started spilling and I was calm and able to take your pain and let it flow through you so your light was able to shine and free from this hard shell, 

I fell in love with life again.

I fell in love with humans. 

I fell in love with you, 


and every soul out there. 



...1 week later ...




the tickling in my heart is still so present- like little butterflies.  

my chest, my belly, my arms and my legs are illuminated.

your washed green eyes appear in my head, dancing in the corner of my view, appearing between little details hugged into nature. 

Again and again my memories bring me back to this special moment. 

To this infinite vibration. 

to this energy which was so strongly flowing between our bodies?

between our souls ? 

Tell me if I am right. Tell me I was not the only one who felt this connection. 

Tell me I am not more sensitive then anyone else here again. 


I know you felt it. 

this was magical, 

but this was real. 


I keep coming back to this feeling, again and again and again and again.

I cant. 

It is not my choice. 

I don't want to push myself into anything. 

I don't want to push anything onto you.

I don't want to make anything up, 

 but my heart returns to what nourishes it. 

my souls reaches for the truth. 

and we truly were real in this moment. 

we were infinite, borderless, not human, endlessly flowing. 

I cherish you so deeply for this experience.

I cherish you so deeply for this path. 


My head is oddly quiet.

I don't know something like that. 

I am so calm and relaxed in this situation, outer circumstances could make me crazy but they don't, 

because I trust. 

Because I learned to trust.

to trust in life, to trust in the universe, to trust in me, in you, in love. 


I was wrong.

You shouldn't tell me if what I was feeling was true.

If I was the only one being immersed in this vibration. 

I know it was true. I know it was real. I know you felt it as well. 


I know and I feel as deeply and surely as never anything before that a connection like that is not reachable with anybody, is not reachable for anybody. 

I know that magic like that doesn't happen for no reason, 

I may not see the plan yet.

I may not understand your way yet, but the universe will guide me,

the universe guides us and it will fix it.

I trust. I love. I listen. and I know ! what ever is supposed to happen will, when I go with the flow. 

so I will. 

I am so thankful for this experience, no matter what the future holds.

I am so thankful for you teaching me a connection and depth of feelings like this. 

My heart is full of gratitude and my soul excited for the future to come. 

thank you 

for you 

for me 

for this life 

I love you, 

I love me 

And I deeply fall in love with all of this universe again and again.   

thank you


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Mahalo xx  




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Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 19.14.25.png

ever since I can remember, I have based my value on marks, on grades, on percentages

on sheets of white paper with black, standardized text, asking standardized questions 

questions that mould intelligence, creativity, individuality of a beautiful child’s mind into a numerical value

a score out of 100

a red-biro fraction in a red-biro circle inked in the top right-hand corner.

that ink seeps into my skin, is etched into my soul; carving out what it means to be liked, to be successful, to be worthy,

worthy of love

worthy of being far, far away from that fear of failure and all that we are told comes with it;

worthy of holidays, of a nice house, of presents at christmas

things us children are told come hand-in-hand with ‘financial security’, with ‘a stable career’

with money

with happiness.


but now I am not a child, and I know that this simple equation is not all it seems

although I will never forget that my one ‘B’ grade in an ocean of sparkling ‘A’s’ was in maths

I still can believe my less than satisfactory brain when I think

that this mathematical equation is one that is,

in fact,


a subtracted mark from that all important score

a mark I would agonize over; would question teachers about 

never feeling satisfied

never feeling proud

never feeling quite good enough.


and as a girl becomes a woman

it is too easy to fall into into another trap society has set 

placing self-worth on the external 

placing self-worth on our image or on our ‘health’

where in reality as our physical health maybe momentarily increases

our mental health steadily dwindles.

there was a day when i looked into the mirror to see the progress of my teeth growing in 

not the progress of my ‘abs’ as a marker of my ‘fitness’

a day when we were told our ‘bottoms were a seat’ and not a marker of attractiveness

of admiration

of envy

a day when we did not know beauty was linked to an image of a ‘perfect’ female form.


the word anxiety creeps its way through an innocent child’s skin

red ink, swirling, into my bloodstream

and settling

deep in my stomach

wrapping one arm around the space that once, I trusted 

a space that so effortlessly nourished and cared for me

and the other arm around my mind

it’s fingers skillfully placing a tint over my eyes


making me see life through glasses of fear

of hate

of insecurity 

before closing it’s arms together, in a toxic embrace

forming a link between my worth and what I choose to enter this area of my body

or what I choose not to

creating irrational fears that see-saw from being so obsessed with health

wanting to improve

wanting to be better

to not feeling worthy of the money that nourishment costs

hidden behind the frugality of a loan-dependent student 

to not feeling worthy of nourishment unless, maybe, if following certain rules

because following rules is a perfectly measured recipe that bakes a sugar-free, fat-free cake of success


a see-saw between the achievement of being so clean, so pure

and the achievement of being empty and thriving

a see-saw between the fear of never reaching my best self

and the feeling 

of not having one


because if even if that red ink writes 100/100 

like it has on occasion for now-trivial past achievements


even if i rebuild my outer shell that has shrunken in the laundry

as my self-esteem was washed away with the suds of perceived ’imperfection’


even if what i see in the mirror does finally satisfy me, even with a number on the scale that does not inflict worry or concern


even if the red ink completes that circle

once again encompassing my worth and compacting it into the top right hand corner of a piece of paper i’ll never see again


would I then be freed from this never-ending cycle that society has created?

these expectations, ideals


the fears that almost are ingrained into our genetic makeup


the circle of the grade

the circle of the percentage

the circle of my stomach

the circles of my eyes

the circulating thoughts in my mind


maybe then

I would feel

good enough.






- Alexandra Murray-Reynolds (@thehippychickpea)

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Aloha all beautiful Souls out there. This is the first part of a challenge I have set myself. 

As this blog is one of the biggest passions of my life I decided to dedicate more of my  energy and time to it. 

So from now on I going to (try to) upload some creative writing or poetry every Wednesday - "writing-Wednesday" - and a more informational, structured and inspirational post on Sundays . Lets see how that adventure goes! 

Thanks for being on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy the little poem that came to me couple days ago in the morning after my yoga practice. 


picture mermaid post 1 .jpg


- rise of the feminine -


Mermaids Came to this world ,

to preserve humans sense of Love for mystery.


So After all the "getting lost" in masculinity,

a spark of Magic keeps alive the femininity.  


So that we look up to Luna at night,

and notice that touch goes deeper than sight. 


Fairies dance around this world to preserve femininity, 

so once we wake up ....

the power of love can rise to infinity. 

mermaid post picture 2 .jpg

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learning to dance with yourself

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 16.09.07.png

the leaves tilt to the melodies of the sun

but i'm numb, and blind. 

i can only hear them whisper 

but my soul doesn't speak the same language

so i stand still. in a noisy silence that i want to escape.

it is then, when i am about to run away, that the first flower blooms.

in my black and white mind, hues of pink and blue wake up 

as the first petals start to whine like newborns. 

the blindness becomes shades

the shades become light

and the light caresses my skin as i start to feel 

the life of the flower invade the life within me.

and it is then, when i am about to give in to the beauty of the colours

that the second flower starts to bloom.

and this flower is red.

and this flower is blooming from my heart.

from my soul. 

and it is now, that, alive, i can understand the whispers of the leaves.

they sing beautiful songs to the melodies of the sea.

now that i understand the music, my petals dance a waltz with the sun. 

and let me tell you, 

the world has never been so happy. 

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Old Bones

Sometimes you have to break apart to grow
Rip apart the skeleton,
then lay out all the bones & start to reassemble them-in order to breathe life back into them
When you finally get a taste of air, your bones will dance
That dance will grow flesh & warmth
That dance will call your spirit back
That dance will bring new life to old bones that almost turned to dust





Open the blinds dear,

and whisper me a promise

of a life full of love and trust,

where fear lacks,

and we roam in awe through the surface of the Earth.


Her teaching can guide us.

She, who stands in a constant moving change,

open and giving to whomever inspires love,

told me:

“Stir courage, take a risk, and trust”.


I asked her for a direction, 

and could not get a straight answer.

It was not until now, 

that I understood.



All is within.


So I tell you,

we must free our souls,

from the built walls that silently struggle our souls.

How, you might ask. 

By letting life happen.

Let go of preconceptions and expectations,

and clearly see and experience life as it unfolds.

Stay open to opportunity,

do not judge,

and nurture the giving nature.

Souls will connect

at the unspoken level,

where knowledge, knowing and feeling 

collapse into one.

I’ve been promised this:

“Sweet things will come to be”.

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Internally Sublime

The creator of my own reality.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.09.54.png

All of this that I experience is interpreted and defined by myself.
I have always internally known the power of my subjective experience.
I had lost my way in trying to please others
and adhere to the expectations that were imposed upon me.
No longer do they matter. It was an illusion of who I thought I was.
A figment of my imagination that I had to be what others wanted of me.
I am not anything other than who I tell myself I am...
Aware of who I am, my ever-changing self, appreciative and grateful for my beautiful, wonderfully colourful and imaginative mind, that hardly ever stays silent long enough for me to fully sense and experience the quiet bliss
of my strong intuitive guide. 
My body provides me with measurable progressive abilities, 
to push my physical strength beyond the confines of my mentally imposed limits.
My mind tries to keep my body safe, 
but fails to see that I am being sheltered from my growth.
The fear that my mind seems to think is necessary for my survival
only prevents me from pursuing, restraining me from fully experiencing.
I am grounding my essential being to this earth,
while letting my essence shine amongst the twinkling stars
in the galaxy of infinite space. 

Darkness never lasts too long; for awhile it holds its place
until one single shimmer of light can brighten up the nights of sorrow and nothingness. 
Chaos, catastrophic,
unstructured and subliminally blind emptiness....
Or blissful ease
in nothing more than a single moment
filled with possibilities, probabilities
for existence, expression, and evolution of exceptional awareness
to form, grow and nurture its way to a fully fledged emotional and logical consciousness
within the cosmic nothingness where everything subsides. 
You and I. 
Within a web of eternity.
How can it be
what is our purpose?
To just be, physically die, then fly amongst cosmic consciousness,
losing or using all that we know. 
This is all that I know. 

"Where cosmic and earthly energy meet, you will find your balance"

the war is over / a poem

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.12.38.png

i'm breathing in the shadows

and they taste quite hollow

it's a void that captures me

in an infinite loop

of light and darkness.

eternal twins that hold hands

through earthquakes and nightmares.


i'm tasting the clouds

and they feel like honey.

a gold that leaves me blind

every time i jump, and start rising.


i became friends with every corner of myself

and now i can dance through the misery

and the mystery;

it feels good to wake up to peace.


now that the battlefields have been silenced,

the shadows are somewhat less hollow

and the clouds sweeter than ever. 

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Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.19.18.png

In the dead winter night, 

A howl echos through the trees

It peaks your ears

It ruffles your heart 

It stirs your soul

An itch slithers up your body 

Imploring you to run

To unleash your inner wild

To fully embody your true nature

Because when you allow complete acceptance

Your hackles raise

Your tail flicks

And your howl echoes back  


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 15.56.39.png

I want to write. I want to feel and express these emotions
through the words on the paper, to recognize the sun and the flowers,
the moon and the stars I create with sentences -
sentences I've never put together like that. Like now.
Going with the flow.
Listening to my soul.
What words are hidden there?
My heart was beating and whispering them for so long.
Words full of love, unconditional love.
Words that spread kindness and wisdom. But only those who hear,
those who can open their minds and see with their hearts
can actually feel them and their magic.
They are not so many, but more are awakening.
I want to learn, so I can write.
Or will I learn through my expression?
Maybe I should stop now... but I can't.
This is my expression.


Love Yourself and You'll Never Be Lonely

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 19.38.27.png

Loneliness is that secret emotion that everyone feels but nobody talks about.

Loneliness is that demon whispering in your ear that the world is superior to you.

It’s that voice that says, you might as well give up now.

That voice telling you that you aren’t good enough.

Making you feel as if your life is tainted with failure and deficiency.

And why would you seek out attainment when this cold world has convinced you of your inability to be tenacious?

Because this world is wrong and full of it’s own insecurities. And what is better than proving that someone is inaccurate about the harmful thing’s they have said about you?

You’ve got to wake up on Monday morning and decide it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

You’ve got to stand outside in the cold and resolve your issues with the chilling winter. Appreciate how the icicles glisten off the roofs of the houses or how the untouched snow is like a beautiful white comforter over the earth.

You’ve got to forgive that person who hurt you almost a year ago and realize we’re all on a journey.

Take a whole day to do absolutely nothing, pull out those video games you played with your big brother when you were 7, before innocence was snatched from your puny fingertips.

Wake up at 6 am for no reason just to call your mom before the day has started to tell her you love her.

Most importantly, fall in love with yourself. Take yourself places you’ve never been and get to know yourself. Find the little things that make your heart skip, like the colors of all the trees before they relinquish life before winter, reminding you that all things change.

Tell corny jokes you made up yourself and then learn to laugh at them, even when no one else does.

Some days you won’t be okay, and sometimes you’ll need to cry. That’s okay. You put your favorite sad song on lock yourself in your room and you let the tears fall. But don’t stop loving yourself.

If you get to know yourself, if you climb into your heart and find out all the little things that make it tick, then you can never be lonely. You will have beaten all the torn souls trying to rip you apart, and then it’s all worth it.

Love yourself.


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The Power of Vulnerability

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 13.56.56.png

there’s so much power

in being our true, authentic self

in being raw, being real

in being vulnerable


we get and give the chance

to recognize ourselves in each other

in our struggles

in our weirdness

that we always thought

to be alone with


because we built facades 

we pretend to have it figured out

we pretend to be okay

we don’t show weakness

we don’t show too much sensitivity

we don’t show who we are

afraid to be too different

and somehow not right


there’s so much power

in being our true, authentic self

in being raw, being real

in being vulnerable


we recognize ourselves in each other

in our humanness

in our spirit

realizing we are all one


so let us take off our masks

reveal our raw beauty 

admit that we don’t have it figured out

show that we are not always okay

embrace every aspect of our being

and through that create a safe space

for someone else to do the same

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