She returned,

but something had changed.

As if there was someone

who had set her in flames.

She had danced with the flames

furiously, wild.

And hadn't been catched

by the limits of her mind.

A nodded echo

proved it right,

there was a new resident

carved inside.

A hunger for curiosity

was there to stay.

To burn her seams open

and make her say

the words into a question

she longed today.

"If you love life

like flames love air.

Then can you not only

burn into ashes, 

but breath as long,

both flames and ashes

turn into a silence

like an ended song."

There she was

seemingly fullfilled,

content and calm.

Even if nonexistence

was her new realm.

No flames,

no ashes,

or nothing in between.

But nothing turns into everything

when the magnificence of it

is truly seen.


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