the illusion of perfection

Why do we try so hard to fit in

when our differences create the beauty of diversity around us?

Trying to create a perfect image of our life

we strive to display an illusion through what we share with this world

and forget reality around us.

No problems, no challenges,

pure happiness and bliss.

What if I told you that growth only comes through conquering hardship,

that progress only happens when we step out of our comfort zone?

Our destiny lies behind fear, not perfection.

Finding the beauty in scars, which tell stories, is something we forgot.

We rather learned to look away, to focus on the monotony of idealism.

Life is messy but it's this messiness that contains a beauty, hard to find anywhere else.

Stop pretending your life is perfect when actually it's imperfection makes it special.

We all experience its ups and downs and that's the beauty of it.

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