Intuition | Poem | Aliya Evans

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Intuition poem

Aliya Evans | 1/4/18

She hid behind the shadows of others

knowing exactly where to find

the vitamin she was lacking all along.

Her sunshine

Her happiness

Her vitamin d.

Something so crucial

Yet it was taken for granted

In the hands of comfort.

She resisted change

in exchange for


Was it the fear of the unknown?


the comfort of stability.

Either way

the result left her stagnant

and her happiness spiraled downward

into a deep abyss.

It was only until one day she decided to step into

the mysteries and wonders of sunlight.

That day she returned home on a high note

feeling better than ever.

If you knew exactly where to find your sunlight

why hide behind shadows for so long?

You will only live your best life

by following your intuition

and trusting your heart because

the things we desire most

are waiting for us

just on the other side of fear…


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