It is time to WAKE UP

We come to this world naked and raw....

Until we start to believe our skin is not to be shown, our shape is nothing to be proud of and the only appreciation of ones human shape lays in sexualising the body you were gifted with to experience this human life.

We get shaped, but not like a diamond does...

Actually, our beauty is found in authenticity, in vulnerability and rawness and soulfulness.

The moment I shed the layer of believing that my body was an instrument for appreciation, that it was here for only aesthetic reasons and being appealing to someone's eyes from me...

...I became free. I became myself and more. 

I want to live free. I want to live raw. I want to live soulfully authentic and broken. I want to live MY truth in every single Moment. 

Shining my light through my eyes and loving every inch of what there is, without being afraid of being sexualised or reduced, assaulted or abused. Enough damage has been done. Enough Souls have been broken, put down, made to feel worthless, been taken advantage of and taken for granted. 

It's time to wake up from this social numbness and open our eyes to SEE, to FEEL and to become HUMAN again. 


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all the love x 


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