let it spill // a poem

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let it spill

you try to suffocate the feelings
screaming that you aren't okay.
you numb the anger
bury the frustration
and flicker back the tears.
the raging waters carrying your pain.
you succumb to the lies tangled within your thoughts
teaching you the only way to live
 is to, well...not.
"i mustn't feel" you say.
"they must never know"
but the sheets know your story
the pillows hold your tears.
your muffled cries under the night sky.
the brokenness spilling from your eyes.
but as soon as the sun
kisses the night goodbye
you gather up your feelings
and shove them back inside.
you hope and pray that the mask you place over them
will hold out till the end of this very long day
 to all the beautiful humans who believe that they must suppress how they feel, cage their vulnerability, and hide their mess behind closed walls. i want you to know that it is okay, to not be okay. it's okay to not have your life together and let your messiness spill all over your bedroom floor. we are eternally loved by a Father who understands and feels what we are going through. we are allowed to collapse into his gentle arms, bury are little head and release everything. HE CAN HANDLE IT. your brokenness is never ever to much for Him.
so cry. cry until you are no longer numb, no longer held by the illusion of amnesia.
let your soul feel. it hurts, i know, but this is healing you are healing.
and soon, oh so soon, this season will pass.
you will be whole
you will be free
you will be okay.

i love you. i see you. let go and breathe.



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