Our home

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This sunset,

this ground,

this old tree,

this is our home,

this is our Momma.

I believe that this Earth is holy, that this grass and these rocks are touched by God's hands, so they're perfect. It was perfect until day by day she started being destroyed. But she still needs us. We can still make something for her. And we should. We have to.

We have to protect her.

We have to care about her.

We have to be her guards.

We have to apologize to her for years of ignorance

and start rebuilding her and helping her return to balance.

We owe this to her.

So let's not waste time. let's do something.

Let's do something because in few years maybe we won't see rising sun behind the fog.

We won't hear the tweet of birds because we cut all trees.

This is our home.

Love you





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