Internally Sublime

The creator of my own reality.

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All of this that I experience is interpreted and defined by myself.
I have always internally known the power of my subjective experience.
I had lost my way in trying to please others
and adhere to the expectations that were imposed upon me.
No longer do they matter. It was an illusion of who I thought I was.
A figment of my imagination that I had to be what others wanted of me.
I am not anything other than who I tell myself I am...
Aware of who I am, my ever-changing self, appreciative and grateful for my beautiful, wonderfully colourful and imaginative mind, that hardly ever stays silent long enough for me to fully sense and experience the quiet bliss
of my strong intuitive guide. 
My body provides me with measurable progressive abilities, 
to push my physical strength beyond the confines of my mentally imposed limits.
My mind tries to keep my body safe, 
but fails to see that I am being sheltered from my growth.
The fear that my mind seems to think is necessary for my survival
only prevents me from pursuing, restraining me from fully experiencing.
I am grounding my essential being to this earth,
while letting my essence shine amongst the twinkling stars
in the galaxy of infinite space. 

Darkness never lasts too long; for awhile it holds its place
until one single shimmer of light can brighten up the nights of sorrow and nothingness. 
Chaos, catastrophic,
unstructured and subliminally blind emptiness....
Or blissful ease
in nothing more than a single moment
filled with possibilities, probabilities
for existence, expression, and evolution of exceptional awareness
to form, grow and nurture its way to a fully fledged emotional and logical consciousness
within the cosmic nothingness where everything subsides. 
You and I. 
Within a web of eternity.
How can it be
what is our purpose?
To just be, physically die, then fly amongst cosmic consciousness,
losing or using all that we know. 
This is all that I know. 

"Where cosmic and earthly energy meet, you will find your balance"