She Feeds Herself With The Stars

Her heart is seeking

Her lips are thirsty

her hair a tidy mess

she feeds herself

with every word

every smile

every embrace

of each person she meets

sharing a story

every stolen moment

adds a seed to her mind

and a little bit

of magic in her hands.

She feeds herself with the stars

comfortably wandering

in the endless night sky

And the faces of those

gone for other purpose

who left this Earth in peace

in the midst of the day

where only dust remains

but contains a promise.


A Poem to the Wind

majestic wind,

do you sing, shout or speak

the sun is shining on your lake

and our dreams are like the clouds you take


your birds dance around trees

their lips whisper delightful melodies

we have always understood, but forgotten

the child a mother holds

exists for eternity upon your eternal shores


you carry secrets of the times 

whisper them to the ones who walk alone

we drink from your daffodils in April

and forget what it is like to exist in October 


we will learn from you 

that still or moving, things are changing 

life, the endless river of pain and delight  

the wind carries everything 




She returned,

but something had changed.

As if there was someone

who had set her in flames.

She had danced with the flames

furiously, wild.

And hadn't been catched

by the limits of her mind.

A nodded echo

proved it right,

there was a new resident

carved inside.

A hunger for curiosity

was there to stay.

To burn her seams open

and make her say

the words into a question

she longed today.

"If you love life

like flames love air.

Then can you not only

burn into ashes, 

but breath as long,

both flames and ashes

turn into a silence

like an ended song."

There she was

seemingly fullfilled,

content and calm.

Even if nonexistence

was her new realm.

No flames,

no ashes,

or nothing in between.

But nothing turns into everything

when the magnificence of it

is truly seen.


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"child of the moon" a poem

F96F6619-4931-42E9-8329-CEE6D4CD1258 2.JPG

child of the moon


you ought to have some idea just how much you gleam -

you call to make yourself look like home

finding comfort within 

devotion running deep


it is in your nature to nurture, moon child, this i know

security oozing from your soul

but just as the river 

you must continue to flow


you feel as immersed as your element allows

high tides and low crashes onto shore -

eventually settling down 

yet waiting to endure more


guided by your own heart 

you set goals with compassion at your core -

but when it is time to realign 

it is the moon you look towards

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Uniqueness given but too insecure to discover it.

You are inferior, they said. Alone. Not enough.

My tries to adjust failed bitterly, my opinions tossed by winds and waves.

The illusion of earning my affection through meeting others expectations crushed me.

The voices became louder.

Pulling back from my outer world, trying to create a perfect one in my mind, didn't work.

All I felt was a crazy mess in my inside, growing bigger while my attempts to fight my way out of it failed.

All of it changed with a small whisper.

And as soon as I started listening, it became louder.

Louder than all the other voices. Louder than my own insecurities. With a mighty roar it silenced my storm.

One word and it was done.

Then gently and loving, it began to tell me who I really was, who I really am.





Uniquely created to represent the One who created me.

My thoughts began to untangle, my heart to heal. Slowly discovering the world inside of me through the eyes of the Artist.

My true self is what I found.

My true self is what I find.

The start of a lifelong journey.

I fell in love with it.

He has started and we will continue.

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the reunion of the selves / a poem

when the words in my blood collide

stars invade my veins

and i become a galaxy

my skin, a highway to the moon,

turns into dust

as i float in the darkness

and it's beautiful how, while flying,

i die a little

loosing all the fear in me

bringing love to life.


i spin around the sun

and its rays light me up like a candle.

as i shine to the music of my heart,

i become one.

one with the moon that protects my darkness,

one with the sun that lights my fears,

one with the stars that give birth to my magic.


one with myself.


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Intuition | Poem | Aliya Evans

seeking sunshine.JPG

Intuition poem

Aliya Evans | 1/4/18

She hid behind the shadows of others

knowing exactly where to find

the vitamin she was lacking all along.

Her sunshine

Her happiness

Her vitamin d.

Something so crucial

Yet it was taken for granted

In the hands of comfort.

She resisted change

in exchange for


Was it the fear of the unknown?


the comfort of stability.

Either way

the result left her stagnant

and her happiness spiraled downward

into a deep abyss.

It was only until one day she decided to step into

the mysteries and wonders of sunlight.

That day she returned home on a high note

feeling better than ever.

If you knew exactly where to find your sunlight

why hide behind shadows for so long?

You will only live your best life

by following your intuition

and trusting your heart because

the things we desire most

are waiting for us

just on the other side of fear…


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