Altered View


  You may cry over the broken bones and the lost lives.

You may feel anger towards those whom steal.

But if you can love the creatures that roam upon the earth,

love the warm arms that held you close.

If you can feel complete tranquility of the first snow fall of winter.

If you love the sight of dust particles floating in the ray of sun.

If you smile at the person in the mirror.

If you feel a sense of peace when the birds sing into your ears.

If you feel whole when your bare feet meet the earth.

If you are amazed by the breath you can see when the frost has covered the grass.

If you feel overwhelming gratitude towards your being and all of which surrounds you,

you are the happiest you could ever be.

There is not a cent more that you need to weigh you down because happiness begins when realization meets simplicity and the eyes no longer view dollar signs as value,

but rather valuing each moment makes you the wealthiest person alive.



 I often feel a strong desire to set free, to run off, to explore the unfamiliar realm of tranquility. 


I find myself helplessly cemented to the ground, only able to reach my arms out a short distance. 


That urge to liberate fills my soul, bringing chills to my surface that dance around my spine. 


The sensation of a word on the tip of my tongue screaming to be ripped off. 


I’ve been sitting in the far back becoming familiar with the dampness that surrounds me. 


Beginning to grow new life on the stagnant surface. Shades begin white that soon darken with every layer that forms.


 I’ve grown to love the view, while naive curiosity filled my mind. 


I reached my hands out and saw between my fingers broken pieces of the world in the far distance.


Drawing me in with it’s hypnotic beauty. I feel the colossal world hovering over me as it tickles my skin with it’s eyes. 


Viewing me as one with the ground. Cradled by the cocoon that consumes me. 


Impatient with the duration that it takes my robust wings to break through the indestructible home that surrounds me. 


The sun cues the same routine, while the moon brings me to this life I dream of.

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