What if I told you that you could manifest your will through focused intent and mindful living? Would you believe me?
Well, you have the power to manifest your will through focused intent and mindful living! It’s a difficult concept to fully understand at first but I promise you, you are more powerful than you realize and you are fully capable of achieving this phenomenon. However, its very important to work with an open mind and a true belief that you are powerful enough to alter your own reality.

I’d first like to say that I feel that many concepts in religion can be looked at beneath a different scope and the same concepts are generally true, even in a different context. So what is manifesting?
Call it a prayer, call it a spell or a wish, call it manifesting but whatever you call it, it’s principles are the same (at least as I understand them). You have a want or a need and you are trying to communicate that want to the universe or to a god or goddess. So what’s really happening here? Opinions tend to differ from person to person but to begin your understanding, there are seven beliefs for manifesting.

1. There is an invisible but knowable life force within you.

2. Your thoughts are something that you control and they originate within you.

3. There are no limits other than the ones you place on yourself.

4. Your life has purpose.

5. Overcome weakness by leaving it behind.

6. When you begin to examine what you believe to be possible, you can then change your life.

7. You can go beyond logic.

So what does all of that mean and how does that help you to begin to manifest? Well there are no easy answers and the easiest way to begin is to start taking these principles to heart. Work them into your life and your mind wherever possible and you will begin to notice a difference in the way that you are able to perceive our universe. There is an ancient saying in hermeticism from which we can derive what magick really is. “As above, So below.” Roughly explained, it means that Earth mirrors heaven, man mirrors god, the macrocasm mirrors the microcosm. Or put more simply, that our inner worlds are a mirror image of our outer world. There is no real difference between them, other than the barriers we project onto them. If you are able to achieve a deep understanding of your self and your reality, then all paths before you become clear. Magick then becomes understanding our own energies and the energy of others and the world, and how we choose to interact with those energies. Whether that’s through prayer, spellwork, wishing or meditation. When you can clearly see the variety of paths that stretch ahead of you, you can then impart your own will and energy to achieve what you want. The steps for manifesting are very simple and include:

1. Know very clearly what it is that you want.

2. Understand that you have limits, know what they are.

3. Create or focus your energy by visualizing what you want to occur, occurring.

4. Slow grounding and a return to everyday life.

It’s important to note that results are easier to obtain reliably with practice and experience. However, there are some reasons that you may have some trouble with your results. Your message or will may not have been clear or focused enough. It’s very difficult to manifest just a general want. You need to be very specific. Picture the desired outcome very clearly unfolding in your mind. Have you allowed enough time to pass? I know, the pop culture makes it seem as though your results are instant, and trust me, we all wish that this were the case but its just not realistic. Change takes time to grow from where it is in the present moment, to where you want it to be at your desired result. Think of the wish you send out as a seed being planted. It needs time to sprout and grow before it can bloom and bear fruit! Perhaps you are allowing outside opinions or even your own to cloud your judgement and focus. Probably the most important part of trying to manifest your will is truly believing in yourself. If you allow any self doubt in for any reason, then it will be very difficult for your message to be clear and focused. Finally, were you working from a place of illness, desperation, or uncertainty? As with anything that you do in life, the physical and intangible energy that you put into your actions can drastically change your results. Be sure to work from a calm, strong and focused place within yourself for the best results.

Manifesting is all about the transfer of energy and how it flows within us and throughout our universe. One of the ways that is most often recommended to open yourself up to receiving and experiencing that energy is through meditation and mindfulness. Meditation can be tricky for some people (although its important to remember that it can take a lot of practice before you are able to meditate for any length of time.) but there are plenty of other ways you can open yourself up to the flow of energy. Listen to your favourite music, loud. Allow yourself to get lost in it and revel in that feeling of freedom. Close your eyes, standing with your feet together. Focus on where your balance is and recenter it. Lay flat on your back (preferably on he ground but anywhere will do) and feel how expansive the earth is beneath you. You can also try to focus on removing the barriers that you use to separate yourself from our universe. You are not in the universe, you are a piece of it. Lean into that feeling whenever possible. My personal favourite trick for this is to carry a stone or wear a piece of jewelry that reminds me of this in the times when I struggle to remember it on my own.

Here’s a quick little exercise that you can use to help you get started with manifestation. I have personally found this method helpful to get me into the right mindset asI begin my day. As an added bonus, you can hardly go wrong with hydrating! Hooray for getting two birds with one stone! All you need is a glass of water. (Because water is pure energetically, you can use it as an empty magical canvas to imprint your intent on.) Continue to focus your intent on the water. It can be helpful to use visualization techniques such as imagining your intent appearing within the water and diffusing throughout it as a bright light or inky mass. Whatever helps you to solidify the image in your mind. When you feel satisfied, drink up! Drink the whole glass and feel the power move through you as you charge yourself energetically with your intent. What I love about this exercise is that it is easy, quick and doesn’t require many materials. This makes it super easy to keep discreet if you wish and also easy enough for anyone to attempt. You could also customize it further by choosing an herbal tea which has associations that align with the intent you want to imprint on your water.

We are strong enough to hold each other up and heighten our perspective collectively as a society. We need to encourage people to look within themselves for answers. There is very little room for a spiritual lifestyle or belief system in our western culture but I feel as though we are on the brink of a shift in perspective within our societies. Be brave enough to forge your own path even if you feel a little scared and possibly even a little crazy at first. Don’t worry, we’re all mad here.
To sum up the points I’ve made here and because it feels right to credit the pieces that spur me to write, here’s a quote from an unknown author who inspired me today to share this information with you.

“Many of us step foot on the path to spiritual enlightenment expecting it to lead us onward and upward, hoping to become something better than we are, and ready to gather all of the important things we will need along the way. What a surprise it is when we eventually realize that the path isn’t taking us onward and upward but inward. That we’re not gathering things so much as letting them go, and that there was never anything more to aspire to than the truth of that we already are.”

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Food is Free: A Grassroots (re)Movement


I fell in love with quality food. Fresh fruit and vegetables just taste so much better. It’s so much more vibrant and alive. There really isn’t any substitute for freshness! This love of food carried me toward my love of plants. Specifically plants that can produce food and improve the quality of the soil.
It’s for this reason that I have a real issue with the suburban lawn. The average front or back lawn produces no habitat, food, or any other usable resources aside from being a ground cover. It’s an utter misuse of space, time and resources.

People spend too much time on their lawns with little to no real reward. When you think about it, if you’re not trying to keep the weeds out, then you’re cutting or fertilizing it to maintain it. It’s bad for our environment.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, having large and meticulously well maintained lawns is derived from when houses were also estates. The grounds were extensive and were sometimes even opened to the public as walking parks. They were a display of wealth because it took a lot of (hired) work to maintain and you derived literally nothing from it. A way of physically saying “look how much land I have, and I don’t even need to use it to grow crops.”

Surprise, there’s a better way! We can naturalize our outdoor living spaces by using native vegetation as well as planting our own vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. If we work together within our communities we have the power to gain independence from our current failing agricultural systems.

The Food is Free project is a movement designed to empower and build up the community through gardening. The concept is that instead of a conventional front lawn, you opt to grow food bearing plants and then you give away your excess food to those who need it. Alternatively you can trade with others in your neighbourhood who are also growing their own food.

This may not seem like a big deal for some of you but it’s only taken about two generations for the majority of people to loose the ability to produce and preserve their own food. This means that for most communities, people are entirely dependant on the grocery store for the ability to eat.

This movement highlights that with practically the same amount of effort it takes to maintain a conventional lawn, we can be caring for food and community producing plants. Seems like a bit of a no brainer if you ask me, and that’s why I am challenging myself to bring this movement to my community this season and I hope that by writing about it I may inspire some of you to try and do the same.

If you’re interested in starting one yourself, all you need to do is plant your own garden in your front yard for your neighbourhood to enjoy and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Food is free, food is for everyone. Let’s work together to bring back our own food security. Lessen the burden on local food banks, donate extra produce to soup kitchens. Let’s work together to bring back our sense of community through a common love of food, let’s bring down suburban lawn culture!

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Why the New Age Movement is a Positive Thing

I have noticed a theme arising in the spiritual communities that has made being a newcomer to spiritualism feel like a bit of a joke. You know what I’m talking about, the spiritualism starter pack memes and the condescending attitude that people tend to respond with when you mention that you’ve started doing yoga or have recently adopted a vegetarian diet. There’s an immediate feeling of not being taken seriously or that you have to defend yourself for making these positive life choices.
My thoughts and advice to anyone who experiences this or can relate to this in some small way is this; don’t allow anyone to make you feel small about the changes your are making in order to experience your greatest self.

If you are new to spiritualism and your only experience with mindfulness and meditation techniques come from your local yoga classes, that’s wonderful.

If your knowledge comes from years of self study dedicated to all the religions of the world, fantastic.

It doesn’t matter if you come from eight generations of seasoned witches or if you once perused a book on mindfulness at your public library.

My point is this, wherever we are in our individual journey to our own spiritual truths, we should be doing more to encourage spiritual growth in one another for the greater good of our society and we need to spend much less time bickering over which method of delivery is correct.

What does matter is changing the way we think about the new age movement. What if instead of discernment we treat these people with an unparalleled level of love and acceptance? What if we took their brief knowledge of our vast community and encouraged it to blossom? Everyone has to start somewhere and the difference between being spiritual as a fashion statement and realizing the potential of being on a journey to spiritual enlightenment may just be a little bit of guidance from those of us with a little bit more experience and knowledge.

This exact subject matter is what has driven me to begin reaching out with the knowledge and confidence that I have now with the hope that I may be able to inspire at least a few of you reading this. We have the power to change our societies and our collective world through our everyday interactions with one another. We can be nice to one another. We can bring light into the world by choosing to believe that love is stronger than hate. We are stronger when we choose to believe that we are all one. That we all have the capacity for change and for an elevation of our perception.

I think that the point I am trying to make here can be best summed up by a quote from Margot Adler that I wrote down in a personal journal a while ago:

“If you go back far enough, all of our ancestors were pagans. They practised religions that had few creeds or dogmas. There were no prophets. There were myths and legends, but no scriptures to be taken literally. These religions were based on the celebration of the seasonal cycles  They were based on what people did, not what people believed.”

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