The Antennae galaxies, a pair of interacting galaxies located 45 – 65 million light years from Earth.

The Antennae galaxies, a pair of interacting galaxies located 45 – 65 million light years from Earth.

Lately, I have been feeling as if I am in the middle of nowhere (which, certainly, we are). And for the first time in my life, I do not care. I decide to embrace uncertainty. To live with and within the chaos. To feel the dust of million stars which have collided together. Even if it hurts. Even if I don't understand it. Even if I feel lost.

For the first time in my life, I let go of expectations, judgment and fear. I choose this path in order to be completely free. Untethered. Unchained. Maybe even lazy and unbothered when it comes to society rules. For I am creating my own. And only those I will follow. Only in that way I can grow, blossom, be. Spread my light, unfold my wings, build and lift my dreams up. Only in that way I can expand myself, rise, ascend straight up as a rocket.

«You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star» said Nietzsche once.

Ergo, the world better be prepared. The world better be conscious about this seeming underdog that will change the world someday. For this woman will give birth to an extraordinary dancing galaxy on her own by virtue of this chaos which will become art one day. This chaos shall pass too. This is where my demons are, not where my heart and passion will be.

Carry on, my dear soul. We will flow again. ✨☄💙💫


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The Goddess Within

Self-portrait. Kind of. 🌹✨

Self-portrait. Kind of. 🌹✨

When I saw this picture,

I don't know why,

but I saw myself in this goddess that appears out of nowhere.

And I hope you do too. 


She has fire within herself.

She has power.

She has just finished her journey.

She was on the same path where we all are right now, although sometimes she had doubts too.

That was her human part governing over the goddess one.

She was in front of a lot of uncertainty that overwhelmed her at times, yet she felt she was going home so she fought and continued walking.

She felt it all at once yet she managed to overcome everything.

She demonstrated why she was chosen to free herself and become the perfect goddess she is right now. ☄️


She is you.

You are me.

I am us.

We all are the same.

We all are healing along with her.

We all are walking home... 🌱❤️


This is just the beginning, but she is waiting for us at the finish line.

So persist and fight.

We are going to win this run. 🕉🖖🏻

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