59 Ways To Spread More Love (The World Needs It)

A list of ways to spread love:

-Smile at everyone you see

-Pass out flowers to strangers

-Buy flowers for someone you love

-Help someone with something

-Tell someone you love them

-Buy someone coffee

-Give a homeless person a meal

-Adopt an abused animal

-Compliment anyone you see for any reason

-Create art in any form and give it to someone 

-Hug someone you love

-Pay for the person behind you

-Call someone on the phone

-Visit with people in a nursing home

-Visit with children in a hospital 

-Write someone a letter

-Leave positive notes for a stranger to find

-Post uplifting and inspiring things to Instagram 

-Comment nice things on people’s photos 

-Only talk positive 

-Make someone a playlist of songs that remind you of them

-Donate books to a less fortunate school

-Volunteer to teach someone how to read

-Always say hello to children

-Hold the door for the person behind you

-Text someone when you are thinking of them

-Eat dinner with the old person sitting alone at the restaurant 

-Tip extra

-Donate a few dollars a month to a cause you care for

-Shovel your neighbor’s driveway 

-Brush off someone’s car for them

-Be nice always (unless the situation is harmful)

-Say thank you for everything 

-Give a positive note to a homeless person with a blanket 

-Write a song or poem for someone 

-Invite people who don’t usually get invited 

-Pick the person who always gets picked last to be on your team

-Buy water for someone who looks sad 

-Ask to take pictures of people and tell them its because you love how they look

-Give a tissue to someone who is crying 

-Eat less meat

-Play with the animals at the shelter 

-Stop saying mean things; start saying nice things

-Let your friend who loves your clothes borrow them sometimes

-Bake someone cookies or a dessert they love 

-Always make your friends cards for their birthday 

-Buy someone their favorite fruit when they had a rough week

-Give someone a book to borrow

-Stay with someone when they are really sad so they aren’t lonely as well

-Text people good morning and good night

-Listen to the songs your friends love

-Invite someone over to watch their favorite movie when they are sad

-Send someone a cute card randomly 

-Help someone in school with a subject you are good at and they struggle with

-Offer to help your teachers with grading papers or cleaning up the classroom so they can get home earlier

-Cook dinner for your family 

-Hand out stickers of smiley faces 

-Play happy music to your currently sad friend 

-Say “I love you” all the time

Now Is the Time

We won’t be here forever and this, we need to keep in mind. One day, we will watch the sunset for the last time. The pink will swirl with the orange and before we know it, the sky will be sparkling with stars. We won’t know that we watched our last sunset. We will be excited for the next one, and it will come, but not for us. Our eyes will close happily remembering the blazing colors that faded to pastel and then to darkness.

One day, we will get on a plane for the last time. We will arrive home from a wonderful trip, telling our loved one’s stories of the coffee we drank and the beautiful hikes we took. Years may pass and we will keep wanting to go explore a different country and to see the sunrise from a plane window again, but we will not go. Our summers become booked and busy with family picnics and trips to the nearest beaches so we don’t take another trip because we are happy right where we are. The day will come when taking a plane to visit a foreign country won’t be an option for our old bones and tired hearts and so we die happily, remembering the plane rides we did take and how fun the summers at home were.

One day, everything we want to do during our lifetime will not be an option anymore. We will want to tell the story of how we danced barefoot in the grass at sunset with our friends to our favorite music, savoring the light blue of the sky with our youthful eyes. We will want to look at old photographs from the trip where our flight was cancelled and we had to sleep in the airport overnight. We will want to have loved more people and visited more places. We will want to have had more adventures. We will wish that we hadn’t wasted time being afraid, putting things off until another time, and playing life safe by staying in our comfort zone.

Now is the time to make sure that you fulfill the wishes of your eighty-year-old self. Now is the time to book the flight. Now is the time to watch the last bits of light in the February sky fade into the night. Now is the time to go out into the world leaving every last bit of fear behind because this is our life, and we must live it.

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The World

The world will be my office.

Rather than working at a desk, sending out emails and typing up progress reports, I will dance around the world, meeting new souls.

I will substitute sending emails with sending letters home and typing progress reports with typing stories and truths of the places I’ve been.

I will meet others and they will not all be dressed in business attire. Some will wear a sari and others will wear a shalwar kameez.

I will meet others who are familiar with food that I have never even seen.

I want the world to be my office so that rather than sitting through business meetings I can ask people to tell me their stories and turn them into poetry.

By sitting in an office every day, it is challenging to touch souls of all kinds.

That is why I need to travel the world.

I crave to touch souls who I do not yet know.

I will learn new languages so there will not be barriers between these other wonderful humans and me. I will go everywhere and love everyone.

The world will be my office. 

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