Over two and a half years ago I stepped onto a plane and moved country for the first time in my life, all by myself. I was 18, lost, messy, and just craving answers. I had no idea where this journey would take me but my heart was telling me that it was time to leave and to explore this planet to myself. 

I got lost and lost again in sad ways, beautiful ways, exciting ways, scary ways, sick ways and messy ways.. 

But today.. after 21 countries in not even 21 years, I can feel how my heart is nourished by places I have seen, people I have met, hearts I connected to, knowledge I have gained and love I have discovered. 


Traveling to me is the most precious gift life has to offer us in this day and age. 

So I want to share with you why I think traveling is the BEST thing you could ever do in your life. 



What I get to hear a lot is : „What you are only 20? You seem so much more mature.“ 

I do not tell you that to brag or whatever, but to tell you that I think sometimes I seem older and as if I had more life experience then my young 20 years because I pushed myself hard in many ways. 

Traveling was one of the biggest lesson-givers ever! 

When you get to decide everything yourself at the age of 18, because you are alone in a foreign country you need to take responsibility. 

When you are by yourself far away from home, do not know the language or a single person you do learn a lot about yourself. 

When you are sick and nobody is there to take care of you because everybody is a plane ride away, you learn to deal with shit. 

When all and everything you can trust is your gut feeling you learn what Intuition is and feels like and you learn how to connect with your heart to keep you safe and sound. 

YES, some or many of these experiences weren’t the most enjoyable at the time but looking back the hard times were there most enriching, as I got to learn things people my age would never do when they stay at home in their comfort zone. 



Since I was young, I never felt as If I belonged to the country I was born in. 

Since I was a child I craved travelling and going to France whenever, as my dad is from there. 

Feeling like the odd one out can make yourself question your self-worth and making you believe you are worth less than others, just because you are different. 

But I promise you:


and I promise you : in this world are 7.4 billion people and 195 countries - 

there is a place and there are humans just like you, that share the same love as you, the same passion as you, a place where you feel like you want to grow old and a place where people do not judge you for the decisions you take.  

Expanding your radius of life expands the abilities for you to explore and grow in yourself. 

There are always two choices in life: 

Accept what you can't change  OR  Change what you can't accept. 

So when you aren't happy in your life and the place you are in at this very moment.. There always is too choices. 

The hardest step is to buy the plane ticket but as soon as you start walking, you will feel the wind in your hair and you get the chance to be surprised by how beautiful the unknown is as soon as you get to know it and how there really is a place for everybody on this planet to be happy and feel like home. 

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Mahalo xx 

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This letter is an insight into my personal journey of forgiving myself and learning to truly love the soul that is living inside my human suit. I am sharing this with you to inspire you, write a letter to yourself and forgive the most important person in your life - you.

A special friend told me some month ago when I was spilling my heart to him that I have to forgive myself. I need to forgive every person, but especially myself to truly find love and acceptance. 

I never doubted his words but it took me some more months to actually be able to forgive myself. 

But some days ago, I wrote this letter to myself. Sitting in the forest all by myself feeling so blessed and calm. 

I could say I forgive you and I love you to myself for the first time in my life, meaning it, and it was one of the most beautiful and releasing moments ever. I am incredibly blessed by a really special group of friends and an amazing family who pushes and guides me, I hope to be your friend and your family by sharing.

This letter is extremely personal and I know I make myself incredibly vulnerable sharing this. But my experience on this blog with all of you has been so deeply loving and caring that I have no fear and I really hope and want to help anyone out there to forgive themselves and make themselves free from all the pain and punishment. 

You have the birthright to be happy. 

You have the birthright to be free. 

Letter to myself : 

Dear you, 

Dear beautiful young woman, lost little girl and loved creature of this planet. 

I just wanted you to know... 

I forgive you and I love you. 

I forgive you for suppressing your true light for many years. 

I forgive you for being so filled and blinded by fear and doubts that you were never able to see your true beauty.

I forgive you for losing yourself in the external world and hurting yourself over and over and over again, by running after shallow sources of validation because you were too trapped to see this divine woman in yourself. 

I forgive you for hating your looks. 

I forgive you for all the harsh words you were saying to yourself.

I forgive you for all the punishments you were giving yourself. 

I forgive you for suppressing your feminine energy, for working against your true inner self and for pretending you were somebody you were not. 

I forgive you for pushing away people you love because of your numbness fed by fear. 

I forgive you for caging yourself away from love because fear was eating you up from the inside and you couldn’t let go of control. 

I forgive you, my girl. 

I forgive you for everything. 

Thank you. 


I love you for…..

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all the love xx

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