the whisper

The whisper

In the stillness of my soul

I find you

You are there

Quietly whispering to my heart

Unfolding the mysteries of life


There´s not one thing you don´t know

Not one thing you don´t understand

Everything I desire lies in the depth of your spirit

Revealed through the guidance of your voice

All I need to is listen


That´s the art

Focusing on the things hidden

For us to be found

Things that seem unimportant

but contain the secret of life

You´ll only discover

when you take your eyes of the storm

And ganze into His


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Uniqueness given but too insecure to discover it.

You are inferior, they said. Alone. Not enough.

My tries to adjust failed bitterly, my opinions tossed by winds and waves.

The illusion of earning my affection through meeting others expectations crushed me.

The voices became louder.

Pulling back from my outer world, trying to create a perfect one in my mind, didn't work.

All I felt was a crazy mess in my inside, growing bigger while my attempts to fight my way out of it failed.

All of it changed with a small whisper.

And as soon as I started listening, it became louder.

Louder than all the other voices. Louder than my own insecurities. With a mighty roar it silenced my storm.

One word and it was done.

Then gently and loving, it began to tell me who I really was, who I really am.





Uniquely created to represent the One who created me.

My thoughts began to untangle, my heart to heal. Slowly discovering the world inside of me through the eyes of the Artist.

My true self is what I found.

My true self is what I find.

The start of a lifelong journey.

I fell in love with it.

He has started and we will continue.

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To The Next



Foreword:  I wrote this poem for the new clients that walk through the doors at my treatment center.  Embarking on the road to recovery and inner healing is remarkably brave, but can be so daunting.  I know the feeling of hopelessness all too well.  Hopeless but with a fluttering spark deep inside, yearning to be set ablaze.  I hope these words envelop you with reassurance like they did for me during my dark times.


To The Next

To the next person who

Walks these halls

To the next person who

Dares to utter your past

To the next person who

Glances at the body next to you


Why am I here

Who are these people

What is the purpose

You are not alone

You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your friends

You are not your family

You are an instrument of love and light

You have been hurt

In this circle

We may be different

But what is important

Is not our differences

But our similarities

We love the same

We cry the same

We shout the same

We feel the same

I may not know you

But I see you

I acknowledge you for who you are

I am grateful for you

This hike is not an easy one

Many fall off

Some give up halfway

Unable to see past the fog

That leads to the unknown

But keep trekking

Open your heart

Receive these messages

That you will hear

Not many get the chance

And not many want to hear

But slowly

And surely

You will realize

You are not alone

You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your friends

You are not your family

You are an instrument of love and light

You have been hurt


You don’t have to anymore

It may take traveling to

The darkest places

The darkest corners of your mind

To truly see

The light on the other side

The light in her eyes

The light in his eyes

That you feel you will never quite understand

It is warm

It is bright

It is all encompassing

And it reaches even the darkest corners of your mind

Bask in the newness of it

Bask in the discomfort

Because once it happens

And once the seed is planted

There is no going back

The rain is inevitable

Some days it is dry as dust

Some days it is sprinkling

Others it is pouring

It may feel like you are drowning

In the loneliness











But you are growing

Grow towards the light

Whatever that is for you

You may look back once in a while

At the tangled mess of your past

Not wanting to leave anyone behind

But it’s okay

As much as you love them

Care for them

And wish the best for them

You cannot pull them out of the mud

Unless they want to be

All you can do

Is look forward to the light

Glance back at the dark

And know

You are becoming the light

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