6 Things That Happen After Your Spiritual Awakening

Let me start by assuring you that there are definitely more than six things that happen after you undergo a spiritual awakening of some kind or other. These are what I've personally found to be some of the most common and what I've personally experienced. Let's unite through insight.

1. You become extremely sensitive (or more so than you previously were) to the energies around you. There are certain people you find it hard to be around and places you would rather avoid. It's not a personal thing; it's an energy thing. This is something that others not on a similar wavelength as you will easily understand. Often others laugh if you mention your sensitivity, excuse yourself from a situation because you're not feeling the "energy" is right for you at that moment in time.

2. You learn that talks about consciousness expansion, alternate states of consciousness, manifestation, telepathy, energy, dimensions, healing, chakras, angels, etc. makes you sound a bit crazy to 99.9% of the population (99.9% is harsh, but you get it). Those of us who know and believe in the unseen forces operating within our world understand that there are things that no amount of logic or rational thinking can explain - and we see no reason why it should need to, anyway. At a restaurant talking to a likeminded friend about that telepathic message you sent the other night? Yes, the table next to you will give you strange looks. You're still learning to embrace it, but to also be cautious with voicing your spiritual insights in public. They're in another state of consciousness, different from yours - not better or worse, just different (don't tell them that - it won't help your case). You've learned that with hard-facts sort of people (especially those with closed minds), it's sometimes best to agree to disagree, remind yourself that it isn't personal and move on. Also, it's through these challenging conversations that you realise even more how great a thing it is for a human being to approach life with an open, non-discriminative mind. 

3. You've broken old patterns. In moments of doubt or desperation, you find yourself falling back, but once broken, always broken. It can be people you used to see, places you used to frequent, music you used to listen to, films you used to watch, the amount of alcohol you used to consume, how often you used to go out (or stay in). For some reason, there are things you feel do not serve you anymore. Close friends and family might even think that you're morphing into another person altogether. In reality, you know you're reclaiming the truest part of your humanity, and because of that that you listen more closely to what your heart and mind tells you. Sometimes you fall back, experience overwhelming moments of existential despair and anxiety, but your unwavering faith helps you back up again. If anything, you gradually embrace those moments when you do fall back; they no longer consume you now, but remind you that you are also human. Like monks who keep a vice or two, it's good to be reminded that not only are you Divine, but you're also Human with a capital H. 

4. You're more aware of synchronicities. Patterns, numbers, faces, names. The relationship between the external environment and you as a living and breathing organism you no longer feel constitutes two separate, unrelated things, but it is something happening simultaneously - and you're more aware of your perceived past and how it has contributed to your present and how this present moment will likely influence your future. The person you met that day led you to think about this and suddenly it shifted your beliefs about that, which led you to go on this road trip and during the trip you came across an image that reminded you of a person you used to know well, and this person called you the next day. You get it. Things that were once void of meaning now have infinite possibilities. It all fits into this complex and indescribably beautiful web. Sort of. Most of the time. To you, anyway. 

5. You dread small talk and shallow conversation. Why talk small when you can talk about the Universe, wonder about the stars, our origins, discuss our pains, fears, passions? It drains your energy to talk persisently about the everyday or purely materialistic topics - you can bear it when it seems you can't escape it because it seems you've cultivated the patience of an angel, but you still find yourself wishing to talk about other things. 

6. You find it easier to forgive people. Whether they broke your heart, pushed you on the train, offended you in any way - you find that you don't react with hostility. You approach these situations from a place of understanding and compassion - because of this, you can forgive almost anyone for any harm they may have caused. You may initially suffer for the way they made you feel, and decide that they no longer have a place in your life, but in your heart you forgive - even if they never end up knowing it. “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner” is the original French saying, which translated is: to understand all is to forgive all. It's a beautiful thing, really. 

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How to Create Healthy Habits

The saying “old habits die hard” has been striking me quite hard lately. Since changing my entire life by moving here I have been trying to work on forming good habits to give my life a little more stability and growth. Hawaii tends to make you feel a little too relaxed, complacent if you will. I became so engulfed in the feeling of going with the flow that I felt my life had become quite stagnant. I was no longer writing regular blog posts, I no longer had a set workout/yoga routine and I was getting literally quite sick of my eating habits. When I tried to throw myself head first (like I do with everything) into new habits I failed miserably. I wanted to know why us humans struggle sometimes our entire life with simple habits that we may have never consciously realized we formed. What I found and put to the test was a few different things, hopefully these tips help you in the same way they helped me.

I watched a Ted Talk starring Charles Duhigg on habits, and I am patiently waiting for his book ‘The Power of Habit’ to come in the mail so I can soak in more of his knowledge. The first thing that stood out to me was when he talked about how difficult it is to end a habit when you’re entire focus is on just that. When I am constantly thinking about how much I don’t want to do this particular thing I end up doing it in the end because it’s all I can think about. It actually has proven to be more effective more me to just place my focus on an entirely new habit I want to form in order to replace the old. When my thoughts aren’t being entirely consumed by this I find it’s much easier for me to stay away from it.

Another thing that has helped me tremendously is scheduling. This was hard for me to accept because I am so rebellious even toward myself sometimes. I was stuck in this ‘free-spirited’ mindset so much so that I didn’t even want to tell myself what I had to do. Watching another Ted Talk about achieving personal goals by breaking them up into manageable tasks every day pushed me to go buy a planner. I can’t count how many times I have said I needed to get something done but completely put it off because thinking about the entire thing seemed downright exhausting. If I keep my to do list in my head it tends to seem a little overwhelming, forcing me to not even start it in the first place. Listing each task out, each day and balancing it out with downtime makes it so much easier for me to achieve. There’s also such a pleasing feeling that goes hand in hand with finishing your day off knowing you did everything you planned to.

I think the most important thing to practice when changing habits is self-love and patience. Sometimes we are trying to reverse habits that we formed over years, and expecting them to go away overnight may be a tad unrealistic. I find that when I have slipped up I am more prone to slipping up again if I am too hard on myself for it. Negativity towards myself has never led to huge improvements in my life.

I hope these simple tips help you as much as they helped me.

Love and Light

Kindra Rae

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Aloha all beautiful Souls out there. This is the first part of a challenge I have set myself. 

As this blog is one of the biggest passions of my life I decided to dedicate more of my  energy and time to it. 

So from now on I going to (try to) upload some creative writing or poetry every Wednesday - "writing-Wednesday" - and a more informational, structured and inspirational post on Sundays . Lets see how that adventure goes! 

Thanks for being on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy the little poem that came to me couple days ago in the morning after my yoga practice. 


picture mermaid post 1 .jpg


- rise of the feminine -


Mermaids Came to this world ,

to preserve humans sense of Love for mystery.


So After all the "getting lost" in masculinity,

a spark of Magic keeps alive the femininity.  


So that we look up to Luna at night,

and notice that touch goes deeper than sight. 


Fairies dance around this world to preserve femininity, 

so once we wake up ....

the power of love can rise to infinity. 

mermaid post picture 2 .jpg

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How I Make The Present Moment Home

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 15.00.24.png

The first time I ever really thought about the idea of “living in the moment” was when I stumbled across the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I feel like I heard people say this all the time, and maybe I even said it all the time without ever stopping to think about what it truly meant. This book was in such great and beautiful detail that I truly started to take in the words. I was moved. I started to think about why I would really want to live any other way. Of course I am human, and will have moments where I slip up. That is perfectly okay, and I believe that it's important to forgive myself and accept those moments. When I start to really feel what it's like to live in the here and now it transforms my point of view on life.


Living in the moment strips away worry. When I discovered that the only thing that truly exists is this moment I stopped stressing about the future, because I realized the future doesn't even exist yet. Why worry about something that is non existent? I do believe there is power in planning for the future, having goals and dreams and working toward reaching them. Now I realize that I can be content with the present while also working toward my dreams. Along with eliminating stress about the future, living in the moment also removed any depression I may have felt about the past. I was able to finally let go of pain and suffering that I was holding onto so tightly without even knowing it. I let go of things that I was clinging to and things I had buried for so long. None of that mattered when I felt like I was being present.


I have my own routines that help me return to that inner stillness, and what helps you may be different. But I wanted to share my experiences with you in hopes that someone can possibly relate.


1. Meditate – So I absolutely understand that sometimes meditating is hard and intimidating at first because we are trained to have our brains constantly going, all day every day. For me what helped was learning how to do it a little at a time. I remember only being able to make it 2 minutes before I had to stop. Now I have some days where I am able to make it 30 to 40 minutes. And still some days where I can only make it 2! Each day is different, but so worth reaching that place of being.


2. Yoga – For me yoga was much like meditating, I didn't really understand it and I could only make it a few minutes at a time before I would stop. Now I stretch out in a class full of people for over an hour! Nothing happens over night. The breathing and poses I learn to hold in yoga focus my brain to the present moment and it calms my mind, allowing me to relax and just be. It's also amazing for our health! It increases our blood flow, drops blood pressure, maintains our nervous system, and is literally scientifically proven to make us happier! It was worth it for me to give it a try and truly feel the difference after class.


3. Writing – So this is specific to me, not everyone's main passion is writing. Some people place their passion in painting, singing, dancing, the list goes on and on. It is beautiful how many different kinds of art humans can create. I urge you to find whatever artistic outlet you need personally and open your heart up to it. I found ways to let so much negativity go through writing. Sometimes my pen hits the paper and it's like my soul is being spilled out through the letters, and you guys understand it! What a beautiful way to let out your worries.


4. Spend quality time with people who matter to me – I still have moments where I feel like retreating and shutting people out on days where my spirit feels drained. It feels like human connection isn't even attainable when I am feeling this way. I am learning now that when I feel that way, it is just another moment I am experiencing. I know that I will eventually come into another moment where I want to be surrounded by all my wonderful family and friends. When I experience the company of those that are close to my heart I feel content. I don't want the moment to end and I am taking in each part of it. Each instant is held onto and I feel present. I am learning appreciation for all the beautiful souls I get to share this life time with.


There are so many different ways we can get back to that inner stillness. After we practice this we become more of the person that we are meant to be. I encourage you to soul search until you reach what you need personally to reach this state of contentment. I promise it's worth it.


Thank you. I love and appreciate each and every one of you.


Kindra Rae


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Internally Sublime

The creator of my own reality.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.09.54.png

All of this that I experience is interpreted and defined by myself.
I have always internally known the power of my subjective experience.
I had lost my way in trying to please others
and adhere to the expectations that were imposed upon me.
No longer do they matter. It was an illusion of who I thought I was.
A figment of my imagination that I had to be what others wanted of me.
I am not anything other than who I tell myself I am...
Aware of who I am, my ever-changing self, appreciative and grateful for my beautiful, wonderfully colourful and imaginative mind, that hardly ever stays silent long enough for me to fully sense and experience the quiet bliss
of my strong intuitive guide. 
My body provides me with measurable progressive abilities, 
to push my physical strength beyond the confines of my mentally imposed limits.
My mind tries to keep my body safe, 
but fails to see that I am being sheltered from my growth.
The fear that my mind seems to think is necessary for my survival
only prevents me from pursuing, restraining me from fully experiencing.
I am grounding my essential being to this earth,
while letting my essence shine amongst the twinkling stars
in the galaxy of infinite space. 

Darkness never lasts too long; for awhile it holds its place
until one single shimmer of light can brighten up the nights of sorrow and nothingness. 
Chaos, catastrophic,
unstructured and subliminally blind emptiness....
Or blissful ease
in nothing more than a single moment
filled with possibilities, probabilities
for existence, expression, and evolution of exceptional awareness
to form, grow and nurture its way to a fully fledged emotional and logical consciousness
within the cosmic nothingness where everything subsides. 
You and I. 
Within a web of eternity.
How can it be
what is our purpose?
To just be, physically die, then fly amongst cosmic consciousness,
losing or using all that we know. 
This is all that I know. 

"Where cosmic and earthly energy meet, you will find your balance"


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.57.11.png

A soft whisper slowly traces its way through your body

Tickling your soul as it quietly urges you to be still

To flow with the energies around you 

To drink in your surroundings

To cherish this time of stillness 

Because it is in stillness when you connect to your soul and the souls of others 

It is in stillness when your senses explode absorbing every molecule 

It is in stillness when you can transcend beyond yourself to just scrape the edge of nirvana 

Before the stillness ends bringing your world crashing down 

While leaving just a bit of magic behind 

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