The World

The world will be my office.

Rather than working at a desk, sending out emails and typing up progress reports, I will dance around the world, meeting new souls.

I will substitute sending emails with sending letters home and typing progress reports with typing stories and truths of the places I’ve been.

I will meet others and they will not all be dressed in business attire. Some will wear a sari and others will wear a shalwar kameez.

I will meet others who are familiar with food that I have never even seen.

I want the world to be my office so that rather than sitting through business meetings I can ask people to tell me their stories and turn them into poetry.

By sitting in an office every day, it is challenging to touch souls of all kinds.

That is why I need to travel the world.

I crave to touch souls who I do not yet know.

I will learn new languages so there will not be barriers between these other wonderful humans and me. I will go everywhere and love everyone.

The world will be my office. 

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