Think Before You Eat

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This morning while gorging down my food because I was late for uni, as usual, I realized something. We are so stuck in our fast living system, we don't even make the time for the most fundamental aspect of human health anymore. Often times we stuff our face with food as soon as we are hungry and then move on.
So I asked myself: Do I ever acknowledge the sacrifice that went into the production of my food? Do I ever find stillness in my body before taking in this nourishment? Am I mindful of my body while consuming these foods?

I think you can imagine my answer.

Think Before You eat 3.png

Food is not just carbs and protein and fat, it is your connection, your relationship to
n a t u r e ✨
You need to understand that this is the most important medicine you´re going to take that day.🍇

I'm not saying eat kale and spirulina all day. But be present. Be mindful. Understand what the food you are about to take in contains, educate yourself, know what your body can take from it and learn to listen to your body’s reaction. And then appreciate it. Appreciate the fact that you are able to eat these foods, appreciate their healing power. Be grateful. Do not punish your body with food that does not nourish you. I think once you consume more consciously, you will no longer go towards these highly processed unhealthy foods anyway.🍓

Understand that everything is connected. We are a part of nature. I believe that by feeding our body nourishing foods we increase our capacity to experience the energies within and around us and therefore our eternal oneness. For me, this is the only way to live a healthy balanced life.