We Will Thrive.

It’s so dark without you here.

Why did you leave me when I needed you most?

Why did you leave when you heard what they said?

Why did you leave when you saw them pointing and snickering?

Weren’t you supposed to stay then more than ever?

Wasn’t that the time you were meant to support me?

How did this happen?

It’s so dark without you with me.

It’s lonely without you.

It’s scary when all I hear is their laughter and ridicule.

You were so confident when they were not around.

When it was just you and me, it was beautiful and bright.

We shared joy and love in all moments.

We had it so good, why do you keep leaving?

Where are you?

Are you coming back?

Are you coming back to silence them?

Or am I meant to find you?

Do I have to move from this dark place?

I don’t know how, or where to go!

You used to guide me when I asked these question in the light.

Please come back to me...please!

Their ridicule is getting louder now. Why are you silent?


*breathe* *breathe* *breathe*



...wait, I remember something…

...I remember something you said…

You told me that you will always be there for me.

That you will never leave me and that you will always support me...always!

So what happened?! Was it me?

It is me! I made this happen!

I have allowed their voices to get louder...louder than yours.

Their ridicule is only their doubt.

Their doubt is only their fear.

It’s not even about me.

They are merely projecting.


I’m sorry for doubting your faithfulness…

You did always have my back!

It was me who blocked the light, me who stopped listening.

Me who allowed their voices to fill the space between you and I.

This needs to stop.

I need to be so close to you that your voice is the only one I hear.

I will latch onto you so strong that darkness doesn’t get a chance to creep in.

We will reunite and never split; with our vision back on our future and on what’s good for us,

We will thrive.

We. Will. Thrive.


Ambition, I love you.


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