Why the New Age Movement is a Positive Thing

I have noticed a theme arising in the spiritual communities that has made being a newcomer to spiritualism feel like a bit of a joke. You know what I’m talking about, the spiritualism starter pack memes and the condescending attitude that people tend to respond with when you mention that you’ve started doing yoga or have recently adopted a vegetarian diet. There’s an immediate feeling of not being taken seriously or that you have to defend yourself for making these positive life choices.
My thoughts and advice to anyone who experiences this or can relate to this in some small way is this; don’t allow anyone to make you feel small about the changes your are making in order to experience your greatest self.

If you are new to spiritualism and your only experience with mindfulness and meditation techniques come from your local yoga classes, that’s wonderful.

If your knowledge comes from years of self study dedicated to all the religions of the world, fantastic.

It doesn’t matter if you come from eight generations of seasoned witches or if you once perused a book on mindfulness at your public library.

My point is this, wherever we are in our individual journey to our own spiritual truths, we should be doing more to encourage spiritual growth in one another for the greater good of our society and we need to spend much less time bickering over which method of delivery is correct.

What does matter is changing the way we think about the new age movement. What if instead of discernment we treat these people with an unparalleled level of love and acceptance? What if we took their brief knowledge of our vast community and encouraged it to blossom? Everyone has to start somewhere and the difference between being spiritual as a fashion statement and realizing the potential of being on a journey to spiritual enlightenment may just be a little bit of guidance from those of us with a little bit more experience and knowledge.

This exact subject matter is what has driven me to begin reaching out with the knowledge and confidence that I have now with the hope that I may be able to inspire at least a few of you reading this. We have the power to change our societies and our collective world through our everyday interactions with one another. We can be nice to one another. We can bring light into the world by choosing to believe that love is stronger than hate. We are stronger when we choose to believe that we are all one. That we all have the capacity for change and for an elevation of our perception.

I think that the point I am trying to make here can be best summed up by a quote from Margot Adler that I wrote down in a personal journal a while ago:

“If you go back far enough, all of our ancestors were pagans. They practised religions that had few creeds or dogmas. There were no prophets. There were myths and legends, but no scriptures to be taken literally. These religions were based on the celebration of the seasonal cycles  They were based on what people did, not what people believed.”

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