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Hello beautiful creature,
I am happy knowing that you somehow found yourself on this beautiful
page, filled with love and creativity.
My name is Joana, I'm a 19-year old girl from Germany, currently
living in California, while pursuing my dreams. Life has been an
exciting journey so far, while I've barely started with it. Coming
from highschool I decided to follow God's voice when moving across the
ocean. I decided Him to be my source of fulfillment and the guidance
in my life. While chasing these dreams I live a messy, yet beautiful
life. My view on it is one of beauty, it's what I'm chasing and trying
to capture. Attempts may fail, but it's my pursuit to grow in becoming
better at it.
On this site you are able to enjoy these tries, while I pray for your
soul to be unraveled and your eyes to be opened to discover a piece of
this world you haven't seen before when reading them.