Hello wonderful human.
My name is Lily, a 19 y/o human and a fellow infinite soul. And there is only one thing that I strive to share with you on this platform. And that is authenticity. And through that authenticity, I will try to pour my heart into my creations and to give you the love I have within me. Because when residing in stillness I hear the pulse of my heart's intuition guide me to only one mission: living from a place of love.
Thoughtlessly following the heart feels like a jump into the uncertain, and it sure is. But it is where we can change, unfold, grow and flourish as human beings. It is where forgiveness dissolves all confusion. It is where we break out of any fear our wall that is holding us back from creating a heaven on earth. From being heaven on earth.
Openness is the key to liberate anything that is stuck.
It sets anything free to give the world it's truth: love.
I strongly believe and know that all essence lies within. Within you, within me, within everything. And that is were wholeness and endless wisdom unfolds itself, available for everyone. It is a home, a haven for every manifestation in this universe.
It is our heaven, the heaven many people are still desperately waiting for.
The realizations that have sparkled into my human vessel during this journey through life make me unstoppably driven to share their message and to connect with you through them, and through simply our bare souls.
I think life is an endless potention to manifest our creations into. And so, I have decided to do that. Here I will share glimpses of my expressions, translations of indescribable things, in the best way that I possibly can.
All love. xxx