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i’m Mathilde; nature wanderer, chocolate addict, and animal lover. or if you’d like, i’m a 5 year old and a 100 year old in the same human suit. 
being a highly sensitive person, i grew up sensitive to the people that surrounded me and the environment i was in. it came to the point i got so overwhelmed and ended up shutting myself out and making myself really small. i became afraid of exterior perceptions and of my own voice.
the turning point in life was the moment i decided to stop the victim mentality I adopted from my depression and to stop living for others. it was the moment i made a promise to myself to start living from my heart every day; to give from my heart, to listen to my heart, to follow my heart. i realised only then can life be governed by love, light, and inspiration; a life that is aligned with my inner and highest self. 
today I aspire in guiding others in doing the same. my purpose is to serve as a catalyst in helping people in their own transformational journey. 
it is through writing that I wish to guide you back home. i believe that inside each and everyone of us lies our biggest potential, wisdom, and power. within us lies our truth. and we are here to remember it. because this truth is who we are. it's who we always were.