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Hello beautiful people,
My name is Munashe, I tend to go by Muna.
I am 23, and a lover of the earth and all that is within it.
After years of accepting what society told me I was, I am arriving at a point where I have decided to break those social contracts, and Iā€™m beginning to see how truly beautiful I am, and we all are because I have also been healed through the words of others. Some days are harder than others, but I know loving and accepting myself will help me love and accept others.
I am so honored to have the chance to connect with you through words and that we can create a family aimed at healing, weeding out seeds based on fear that have been planted by the world around us and within us. Deciding instead to plant seeds of love that we will continue to nurture. Empowering ourselves to live lives of purpose by spreading love through every action.