natalie storey


Consciously or unconsciously, we are all in the process of awakening to higher truths - and all struggling as we do so. I've been lucky enough to grow up and travel around so many different places on Earth (and outer space in my imagination), walking alone and in company - and each day I find that below the surface of our obvious differences, our passions, desires, struggles and fears are all quite the same.
I hold Buddhist-Hindu teachings close to my heart and hope to share them in a way that can reach most people beyond the realm of words. I'm currently a third-year English Literature and Film student at Queen Mary University of London, 60% hippie, 40% neurotic mess and a human who is struggling to finish multiple novels, poems and short stories. I hope I can ignite questions within your heart and mind.
Most importantly, I hope I can inspire you to always choose love and understanding. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences here, to be part of a loving family of hopeful beings.
I don't bite - Instagram me, email me, send me a telepathic message.