In my natural habitat, basking in glorious sunshine.

In my natural habitat, basking in glorious sunshine.



Hello, frendz. 
I hope you are enjoying your time here on Swirl, it is my greatest aspiration in life to serve others to the best of my ability, and this space is one way I hope to achieve that.
I am vegan. I am an optimist. I am a bit of a hippie.
But I also don't think it is possible to define ourselves.
We are our consciousness, our Self, experiencing this life through our physical form.
The content I share here flows directly from my heart up through my soul to the edges of my fingertips. I hope I can serve + inspire you, and I am so very excited to have truly wonderful creators on board to tell their stories, too.
Please do connect with me via instagram (linked above) and get in touch via our Contact page.






Hello there,
My writing is from my soul to yours. Raw excerpts of my life about self-love, pursuing our purpose, chasing our dreams and finding healing from the lies tangled around our thoughts. I am on a journey of self-discovery and learning who I am in God. When I am not spilling my heart onto blank pages, I love doing yoga, reading, painting, hiking, running, bathing in the liquid sunshine and anything creative or in nature. I am not perfect though, and do enjoy a Netflix day here and there.
I hope you know how beautifully treasured you are and pray you have the most magical day!
You are loved.



Aimee Ayaka


I am a confused soul, but not too fussed about ‘finding myself’ just yet. I am awakening to the abundance of the earth around us, and trying to centre myself within this narrative we call life. An eternal and chronic optimist; I believe a smile is the best remedy for any funk you may find yourself in. I am a fickle creature searching for spirituality, creative outlets, and good food. Constantly trying trying trying to detach myself from materialistic values and capitalism, and desperately attempting to care for our earth.
Just about realising my political and racial identity, I am on the cusp of some sort of existential revelation at almost all points of the day.I love languages and words. Sometimes I can’t stop talking, sometimes I just listen.
I hope to share some of my contemplations with you, whether coherent or just conjecture.

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Hello beautiful people.
My name is Eve. I’m a listener. 
And a follower of my own intuition.
A passionate vegan and a ginger tea lover. 
I believe in kindness and the power of self-improvement. In the journey of self-discovery to cherish our minds, bodies and souls. 
Finding the fullness of life and the joy of Being is something I aim to do every day. 

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Lisa bergmann


Hello beautiful humans,
I’m Lisa. I’m the weirdo who always talks about veganism and self- love. I hate small talk and i love authenticity. I’m an advocate of self- education and I do not believe in one truth. I’m addicted to the moon and believe we are fully immersed into the ebb and flow of everything around us. I have no fear of swimming against society’s current and neither should you. If you ever need a vessel for your vulnerability please don’t hesitate to contact me via Instagram.



devona Taylor


Hello beautiful humans of earth!
I am Devona and I'm so excited to be sharing this beautiful space with you all. I am a 22 year old who loves to inspire others whilst being inspired; and I believe Swirl is the perfect place to do just that. I am an inspiring elementary school teacher, who has a passion for spirituality, veganism and life-long learning. I believe we are expanding souls having a human, earthly experience, and it's so beautiful that we can come together and co-create in spaces like this. Please do follow me on instagram, I'd love to connect with as many of you as possible.

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Hello! I was a single mom for a large part of my daughter’s life, which has given me so much to be grateful for. I recently got married to Marcus, and he’s been such a beautiful blessing to our built in family. I know that all of the experiences I’ve gone through have been a huge inspiration for my writing. I strive to come from a place of vulnerability and authenticity in everything I put out into the world. I am so thankful for this opportunity to share my story, my experiences, and life’s little joys with you.
xo, Leah.




Hello beautiful souls. I was born into this magical world with the purpose of giving my unconditional love to every being we share this home, mother nature, with. I do not know where my path is going to lead to, but I aspire to travel to different places and explore the raw beauty in everyone I encounter along the way, the natural wonders our mother gives us, and myself.
I am in my happiest and most conscious state when connecting with other beings and learning from each other which is the reason I have so much confidence and trust in this secure space created here. Please connect with me on my instagram and share some vegan food suggestions with me. You all are loved by the universe and me.


NATALIA (the vegan rockstar)


Natalia is an artist. Creating different forms of art has been a beautiful place for me to express my incredible feelings and experiences in life, which have been quite wild. Art is unconditional love for me, it’s a relationship between me and my soul/spirit. I create emotive art because I’m filled with many feelings. I enjoy singing, drawing, writing, filmmaking, and performing in flamboyant costumes in many different ways.




I'm Mary, a 21 year old girl from Spain currently studying English Philology. I am a spiritual soul and moonchild going through a journey so as to be fully untethered. I am trying to be the change I want to see in the world, especially through writing, which is my escape route. Once, I read the quote "I love the rain because I am a mermaid who lives far away from the sea" and I think it totally defines me. I am in love with music, literature, concerts, Autumn, Christmas and sunsets. I am also a yogi and since the very moment I joined this beautiful philosophy, I mostly trust vibes, the Universe and my intention. I put my heart in everything I do and I hope you feel that too! xx