Simone Momplé


I am Simone Momplé, a dancer and a student of psychology, but more than that I am one who creates her own path. I've been pulled down paths I didn't want to go down before, but I bounced back by constantly seeking myself first. The knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my life has led me to create a path many seek to avoid. I take chances, I dare myself, I push myself, I care for myself and I love myself, first. To others I seem brave, when all I've done is do what makes me happy. One of which was to research dance psychologically and thus merging two of my favourite subjects. 
Writing, dancing, psychology, God, family, friends, they all make me happy in different ways and at different times. Yet one thing I've learnt is to be happy no matter the circumstances. I focus on living an unconditionally happy life, and that is where it starts with me first.
'Being YOU in a world of them' is my motto.
My favourite passion is to speak and write about topics that address the foundation of who we are and who we are meant to be. I would love to share this knowledge through Swirl to you and I hope you find it positive and enjoyable. After all, life is supposed to be fun! 
I look forward to having fun with you. 
Thank you.