Hello beautiful wildflowers,
I am Summer. A wandering soul filled with curiosity of this world. I believe the universe sends us in the right direction leading us to important pieces to fill our puzzles. Sometimes we are sent in a spiral, losing all control, and questioning why we have been given such a difficult situation. We soon blossom from the struggles that we truly believed would tear us apart. I turned to writing during my tough times in school. I couldn’t understand why I had such a hard time in school, while others found it so easy. Through break downs and tantrums I found my purpose. A bud sprouting from the dirt I once was buried under. I am currently experiencing another struggle in my life, but what is life without obstacles? I have been experiencing many stomach issues for the past four years now. I turned to veganism over 3 years ago now. Although I still struggle with constant pain, I have found such a large piece of my life that I would not have found if it wasn’t for the obstacles I had to overcome. Becoming vegan was the best decision I ever made. My view on the world, life, people, compassion, self love, completely changed in such a beautiful way. I am constantly searching for new ideas, adventures, inspiration, to grow as a human. I am not searching for myself, for I have already been found. I am searching for the pieces to fill my puzzle. Allowing the universe to send me in the direction of my dreams. Through my journey of being vegan, I came across my dream job to be a holistic health coach. I am so passionate of the idea to help people find themselves and to heal naturally. To show people the capability their bodies have to feel truly amazing. And through it all I have found swirlmag. Life has a funny way of doing things, right? Much love to you all!!